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Welcome to 🎉🎉🎉

Now that you've installed, let us guide you through some basic steps for you to start leveraging the power of social proof marketing and increasing your sales.

Note: Certain features are exclusively available on's Awesome plan

1. Add your widgets

When you install, we will lead you through an onboarding process where you can add the 2 most popular widgets (Star Ratings and Review Widget).

These widgets help you collect your first reviews (if you just started selling) or showcase your reviews to the world (if you already have them).

In case you skip the onboarding or want to install more widgets, feel free to check our installation guides.

2. Import your reviews

Already have reviews on other platforms? We support three easy ways to export and import your reviews into our app:

  • Import from other review apps: Shopify, Yotpo,, Loox.

  • Import from e-commerce platforms: AliExpress Review Importer.

  • Directly import using our CSV wizard importer.

You can also import Q&As in bulk with our direct importer.

3. Collecting more reviews

Ready to gather new reviews? Here are several methods to do so with our app:

  • Collect reviews directly on your website using the Review Widget.

  • Send review request emails: Schedule and send review request emails to customers who have completed orders to get verified reviews. Our email editor offers powerful features, including A/B testing and custom form options.

If you have a non-English store or stores with multiple languages, you can translate widgets using our 1-click translation or Weglot translation app. We're continually working on more integrations for our widgets. You can also enable multiple language emails to send review requests in various languages based on your customer's store language choice.

Consider integrating with third-party apps to send SMS (SMSBump, SMS Notifications) and push notifications (PushOwl) to remind customers to submit reviews. Note that reviews are automatically published by default, and we will start sending review request emails unless you disable this feature.

4. Exploring your dashboards

Now that installation is complete, here are the key sections to explore:

  • Review Dashboard: Review and manage the publication of product and store reviews.

  • Requests Dashboard: View all review requests sent or scheduled, and customize request emails.

  • Settings: Enable and customize all available app features.

Pro Tip: Use the Settings Search function to quickly locate specific settings.

5. Enhancing your review experience with advanced features

Our review app offers even more advanced features to enhance your experience:

  • Integrations (Awesome and Free): Add extra features from third-party apps integrated with us.

  • Facebook and Twitter Social Push (Awesome and Free): Share your reviews on social media platforms.

  • SEO Rich Snippets (Awesome and Free): Display your star rating in Google review snippets.

  • Questions and Answers (Awesome): Allow customers to ask questions about your products in the Review Widget.

  • Coupons (Awesome): Incentivize buyers to leave reviews by offering coupons as rewards.

  • Cross-shop Review Syndication (Awesome): Share your reviews among stores in the same store group.

If you need help getting started with Judge.mes, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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