Publishing and hiding reviews
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With, managing reviews is simple and flexible. You can auto-publish reviews or choose to publish/hide them manually from your Reviews dashboard.

Publish and hide

Even though we encourage displaying all reviews, including negative ones, you have the flexibility to hide a review if it's inappropriate or irrelevant to your products.

To publish and hide reviews:

  1. From your admin, go to Manage Reviews > Reviews dashboard.

  2. Choose the review (or reviews) you want and click Publish or Hide.


Autopublish all reviews

By default, automatically publishes all reviews for you (status: Published).

To check all reviews before publishing them:

  • From your admin, go to Collect reviews > Moderation.

  • Select Publish reviews manually.

  • Click Save.

When you disable Autopublish, all new reviews are hidden automatically (status: Hidden).

For other platforms

  • From your admin, go to Settings > Review Widget > Review Moderation.

  • Disable Publish new reviews automatically.

  • Click Save.

Autopublish reviews based on ratings

Available on the Awesome plan

Instead of autopublish all reviews, you can choose which ratings to autopublish.

Reviews that are not autopublished will be set as Pending. You can then publish or hide these pending reviews based on your local regulations.

Starting September 25, to comply with Shopify's regulation, pending reviews that are not moderated will be published automatically after 14 days. We strongly encourage you to publish all valid reviews as soon as possible.

If you need help deleting our code and files, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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