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Creating custom email templates with drag-and-drop blocks
Creating custom email templates with drag-and-drop blocks
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Our custom email template editor simplifies the process of designing unique email templates through an intuitive drag-and-drop method. This article will guide you through the functionality of each block in our newly updated email template editor.

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1. Start from a template in the email gallery

  • To get started, click on the "Create template" button on the top right.

  • From here, you can choose from 5 existing templates premade by Each of them has a different theme that suits your specific needs. You can also create a blank template and start customizing it from scratch.

2. Design your email

2.1. Layout blocks

  • Full Width: Create a single-column layout that spans the full width of your email.

  • 50% - 50%: Divide your email into two columns, each occupying 50% of the width.

  • 34% - 66%: Configure a two-column layout with the left column taking up 34% and the right column 66% of the width.

  • 66% - 34%: Similar to the above, but with reversed column widths.

Tip: When adding a Layout block to your template, it defaults to a Text block, but you can incorporate other Content blocks within the Layout.

2.2. Content blocks

  • Text: This block allows you to insert and format text, making it perfect for crafting email introductions or conveying important messages. You can adjust fonts, colors, bullet points, links, and more.

  • Picture: Enhance your emails with striking visuals by inserting images. Reuse product images or upload custom pictures using a URL. Fine-tune picture width and add alt text for accessibility.

  • Line: Use this block to insert horizontal lines that visually segment different parts of your email. Customize line weight (in pixels), style (solid, dashed, etc.), and color to suit your design.

  • Spacer: Add breathing room between email sections with the Spacer block, improving readability. To control Spacer Content (spacer height), simply adjust the Top and Bottom padding in Block Settings.

  • Button: Create effective call-to-action buttons linked to product pages or any destination of your choice. Tailor button text, URL, text color, background color, and more to align with your branding.

Tip: You can type "{{" in the Button URL field to access a dropdown of available variables.

2.3. review request blocks

Form block

  • This block provides an in-email form for customers to review your products directly within the email.

  • You can customize the form's title, placeholder, button text, button background, star color, and more.

After customers submit reviews using the in-email form

  • Their reviews are automatically recorded into the dashboard.

  • They are redirected to the product page with a message confirming, "Your review has been successfully submitted. Thanks!"

  • From here, customers can choose to edit any details or add more pictures using the Review Widget.

Stars block:

  • This block opens a step-by-step review form for a single product, initially asking customers to upload a picture or video.

  • You have the option to customize the star color.

Shop review block

  • This block enables customers to submit a store review by directing them to the "write a review" form on the All Reviews Page.

  • You can customize the button text, button background, star color, and more.

Multi product block

  • With this block, you can add multiple products from your customers' orders that are ready to be reviewed.

  • Each product includes an image, a title, and a review button linking customers to the "write a review" form on the respective product page.

  • Customize the block title, button text, picture size, button color, background color, and other attributes.

Suggestions block

  • This block assists with upselling by recommending products that may interest your customers.

  • You can choose from four different ways to display your products: Bought Together, Top Sellers, Most Reviewed, or Random Selection.

  • Additionally, you can adjust the number of recommended products and customize text, images, and buttons.

  • Note: A handpicked recommendations option will be available in the next version.

Unsubscribe block

  • This block allows you to add an unsubscribe link to your email templates.

  • You can edit attributes like padding, margin, border, color, and more.

Note: Ensure you add an unsubscribe block (or use the "{{ unsubscribe_href }}" variable) in every email template to allow saving.

2.4. Settings

Block settings

For each individual block, you can access the following settings:

  • Padding: Adjust the space around your block content relative to the block border.

  • Margin: Modify the distance between your block and the email template border.

  • Border: Add a border around your block, with options to change the weight in pixels, style, and color of the border.

  • Border Radius: Apply rounded corners to your block's border.

  • Color: Customize the text color within your block.

  • Background Color: Alter the background color of your block.

  • Align: Fine-tune the text alignment within your block.

Template settings

For the entire Email Template, you have access to these settings:

  • Template name: Assign an internal name to your email template.

  • Preview text: Specify the small text that appears next to the email subject.

  • Subject: Define the subject line that customers will see when they receive your emails.

  • Translate email: Choose your preferred language from the drop-down menu and your email will be translated.

  • Text preset: Choose tone of voice for your email text such as Friendly, Direct, Elegant (English only)

  • Email reminders: Set the template as initial review request, or reminder 1,2 or 3.

  • Multi product*: Choose to send one email including all product items in an order, or separate emails for each product item.

  • Layout: Adjust template max width and hide/show branding (the "powered by" text).

  • Colors: Choose color for email background, content background and links

  • Advanced: Choose to redirect users to the (1) review collection page or (2) review widget on the product page. If you choose to redirect users to the review collection page, you can enable post-review modules to collect store reviews and reviews for other product in the orders.

How "Multi product" option works

If an order has 4 products, you can opt to send 4 emails to your customers. You can configure different sequences for these emails (e.g., most expensive, least expensive, random, least reviews) in the Review Request settings. Alternatively, you can choose to send a single email that includes all 4 products in the order.

  • If you include BOTH the Form (Single Product) block and Multi-Product block in ONE template, the first item in the sequence will be placed in the Form block, while the other products will appear in the Multi-Product block.

  • In cases where the order contains only one product or you choose to send multiple emails with a single product, the Multi-Product block won't appear in the actual emails.

Review collection page

After clicking on the "Submit review" button in the request email, customers will be redirected to this dedicated page to finish their review.

Then, they can see an option to submit a general review about your store.

They can also review another product in the same order.

If you need help creating custom email templates, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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