Importing reviews
Updated this week provides several convenient methods for importing reviews using a CSV file, as long as the file is under 10MB.

Additionally, you can import reviews from AliExpress at no cost. In this article, we will walk you through all the methods available for importing reviews to

Method 1: Import reviews from a previous app

If you have previously used a review app and want to transfer those reviews to, follow these steps:

From admin, go to Manage Reviews > Review Dashboard > Import & Export

For other platforms

  • Export reviews from your previous app.

  • In the admin, go to Manage reviews > Import & Export > Import Reviews > From Reviews App.

  • Choose the app you were using previously.

  • Upload your CSV file and click Import reviews.

Method 2: Use the import wizard

If your CSV file is not from one of the supported apps mentioned earlier, you can still import it using our import wizard:

  1. From your admin, go to "Manage Reviews."

  2. Within the "Manage Reviews" section, select "Review Dashboard."

  3. In the "Review Dashboard," locate and click on the "Import & Export" option.

For other platforms

  • In the admin, go to Manage reviews > Import & Export > Import Reviews > From Any Template (with import wizard).

  • Upload your CSV file and click Next.

  • Match the columns in your CSV file (column name) with our requirements (review field) and click Next. (We'll try to match the columns automatically first.)

  • Confirm the date format of your reviews. If it appears correct, click Import.

Method 3: Import using template (advanced)

For importing reviews from sources like Amazon, Facebook/Instagram, or offline sales, friends, or family, you can use the import template. Follow our detailed guide on preparing the CSV file following the template.

Method 4: Import reviews from AliExpress

As a drop shipper using AliExpress, you can import reviews with ease using our free app, Shopify AliExpress Review Importer. Learn more about this process in our comprehensive guide on importing AliExpress reviews.

If you encounter import errors

If you come across any errors during the import process, try the following steps:

  • Copy-paste your reviews to Google Sheets.

  • Download them as a CSV file.

  • Import again using the new CSV file.

  • For errors notified via email after the import, please refer to our import troubleshooting guide for solutions.

Handling duplicate reviews or deletions

If you have duplicate imported reviews or need assistance deleting imported reviews, reach out to us via chat or email us at [email protected]. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

By following these steps, you can import your reviews to and make the most of our review management features. Happy reviewing!

If you need help Importing reviews, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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