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Available on the Awesome plan

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a great way to improve your customer's knowledge of the products.

Need a dedicated section for questions and answers for your store? If you are on the Awesome plan, you can add a Q&A tab to your Review Widget, and a badge below your product titles.

1. What is the Questions and Answers?

The Questions and Answers helps you collect questions from your store visitors or buyers, and answer these questions publicly on your store or privately via email. By enabling the Q&A section, you can build a set of FAQs for your store. You can also use this user-generated content to help your store rank higher in Google organic search.

Need more inspiration for the Questions and Answers? Check our examples page.

2. Questions and Answers installation

  • To activate the Questions and Answers, go to Settings > Other Widgets > Questions and Answers > Questions and Answers Installation.

  • From here, you can install both the Q&A tab (the dedicated tab in your Review Widget to showcase all the questions and answers) and the Q&A badge (a small badge linked to the Q&A tab, placed below the product titles).

For new dashboard

From admin, go to Manage Reviews > Questions and Answers

3. Questions and Answers customization

  • To customize the Questions and Answers, go to Settings > Other Widgets > Questions and Answers > Questions and Answers Settings.

  • From here, you can:

    • Choose the position of the Q&A Star Ratings

    • Choose to display or hide the Q&A Star Ratings icon

    • Customize the text display in Q&A widget

How your Questions and Answers widget looks like on the live page:

Q&A Star Ratings (icon displayed)

Q&A tab in the Review Widget

If you are restricting the web reviews, the "Ask a question" button is still displayed if Q&A is enabled.

3. Manage your Questions and Answers

Q&A curation

From the main dashboard, you can access Q&A dashboard from More > Questions and Answers.

  • In the Q&A dashboard, you can hide, delete, publish, or answer these questions by sending a public or private reply.

  • You can't publish a question automatically but only curate them from the Q&A dashboard.

Ask community

You can also use the "Ask community" feature to ask recent buyers to answer the questions you receive via the Q&A tab on your Review Widget. Your community of buyers will receive an email with an in-mail form where they can give you the answers directly.

Spam filter

  • You can also enable web reviews spam filter to detect spam reviews (available in our Awesome plan). When you enable this, will detect and filter out spam reviews coming from the "write-a-review" form on your webpages as well as via API using a third-party spam filter. You can use this setting to filter out spam if you want to continue to allow review creation via the web and API.

  • uses OOPSpam to detect spam questions on your store. Any questions detected as spam will be moved to the Spam tab. If any questions are not spam, you can click the "Not Spam" button to move them back to the All Questions tab.

Q/A notification email

  • You can optionally notify the visitor who asked the question via email. The notification email can be customized in Settings > Other Emails > Q/A Notification Email. Also, the customers will get notified when you edit their reply in the question thread, but won't get notified when you edit their question or your own reply.

For new dashboard

From admin, go to General Settings > Notifications

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