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Getting started with product reviews on Squarespace
Getting started with product reviews on Squarespace
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Welcome to Product Reviews! With, you can collect and showcase star ratings and reviews on your Squarespace store. Installation is a breeze, and there's no need for coding expertise.

Note: Certain features are exclusively available on's Awesome plan

1. Connect extension to your squarespace store

To install the extension on your Squarespace store, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the "Connect to Site" button.

  • Log in to your Squarespace store if you haven't already.

  • Grant permission to by clicking "Allow."

  • Enter your preferred email address for

  • Select the widgets you wish to install and click "Start Installation."

  • Confirm that your widgets are correctly installed.

  • For detailed installation guidance, please check our Installation Guide.

2. Install widgets widgets allow you to showcase reviews on various pages of your store, including the collection pages and product pages. Our Squarespace extension offers these widgets:

  • Review Widget: Collect and display reviews and star ratings for specific products.

  • Star Ratings (Stars): Display star ratings and review counts for individual products.

  • Floating Reviews Tab: Add a floating tab to your pages, opening to reveal product and site reviews (available on the paid Awesome plan).

  • Questions and Answers: Include a Q&A section in the Review Widget to assist customers in making informed decisions (available on the paid Awesome plan).

Upon installing, the Star Ratings (stars) and Review Widget will activate automatically:

  • Star Ratings stars will be added to your collection and product pages. To disable this widget, go to Settings > Other Widgets > Star Ratings > Star Ratings Installation.

  • The Review Widget will be installed at the bottom of your product pages. To disable it, go to Settings > Review Widget > Installation. To activate other widgets, visit Settings > Other Widgets in the app admin and select your preferred widgets.

Please note: Widgets are placed optimally on your Squarespace store, and their placement cannot be customized.

3. Customize your widgets

Make your widgets integrate with your store by customizing them in the Settings. Here are some customization options:

  • Change star colors.

  • Add review photos and videos.

  • Modify widget text and themes (additional themes available on the Awesome plan).

  • Enable review moderation.

4. Import your existing reviews

Already have reviews on other platforms? You can import your existing reviews using a CSV file. Follow these steps:

  • Begin by creating a CSV file of your reviews using our guide.

  • Ensure you have the Squarespace product handles to match reviews with the corresponding products (the product handle is the last part of your product URL, e.g., /shop/p/product-a).

  • With your CSV file ready, go to > Import/Export > From Customers Directly (with import wizard), and upload your CSV file. For detailed import guidelines, check here.

5. Collect more reviews

Ready to gather more reviews? With our extension, you have several methods:

  • Collect reviews directly through the review form in your Review Widget and Floating Reviews Tab.

  • Send review request emails to verified buyers. These requests are automatically scheduled when you "mark fulfilled" an order in Commerce > Orders in your Squarespace store admin. Customize request timings and templates (four default email templates available on the Free plan, with a flexible drag-and-drop email editor on the Awesome plan).

6. Start exploring your dashboards

Now that you've completed the installation, let's dive into the essential sections to get you started:

  • Review Dashboard: Manage and decide to publish or hide your product and store reviews.

  • Requests Dashboard: View all review requests sent or scheduled, and customize request emails.

  • Settings: Enable and customize all available features within our app.

7. Enhance your review experience with advanced features

Our review app offers more advanced features to elevate your experience, including:

  • Coupons (Awesome): Reward buyers who submit reviews with coupons.

  • Custom Forms (Awesome): Collect custom questions beyond product reviews in the Review Widget and review request emails.

  • Google Shopping (Awesome): Create a Product Reviews feed (XML file) in and upload it to your Merchant Center account.

If you can't find what you're looking for, explore our Knowledge Base and Forums for detailed tutorials or contact our 24/7 customer support team at [email protected] for specific assistance.

8. Special note: Case study from BundleBums

Compatibility with non-physical products extension is designed to work with Squarespace's physical products. If you offer non-physical products, please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Reviewers cannot submit reviews for non-physical products, and the Review Widget will not be displayed.

  • Scheduling review requests for non-physical products is not supported.

  • Non-physical products will not appear in the Products dashboard because they cannot be fetched.

Features currently incompatible with Squarespace

At this moment, the following features are not compatible with Squarespace:


  • Star Ratings for Collection on Homepage: Display star ratings and review counts for specific products within a collection on your homepage

  • Reviews Carousel: Create a carousel of featured reviews and place it anywhere in your store

  • Verified Reviews Counter: Showcase the total number of verified reviews received and the aggregate rating

  • Medals: Highlight the quality and quantity of your reviews, emphasizing authenticity, transparency, total verified reviews, and more

  • Reviews Page: Build a dedicated page to collect and display both product and shop-level reviews

  • All Reviews Counter: Display the total number of published reviews and the average rating


  • Multi-language widgets: Display widgets in multiple languages using default translations (please note that this feature only functions on Shopify multilingual stores, where the locale is detected and default translations are automatically switched).


  • Auto-generated coupons: can generate coupons automatically based on conditions such as percentage discounts, minimum order values, customer eligibility, usage limits, and more. However, this feature is exclusive to Shopify. Note: Coupons cannot be generated automatically based on conditions, but users can upload coupons from external sources.

Review requests and management

  • Push and SMS requests: Send review requests via push notifications and SMS.

  • Blacklist Automation by Tags: Add tags to blacklist a product, customer, or order to halt the sending of review requests (please note that this feature only works when tags are added or removed in Shopify's dashboards).

  • Import reviews from AliExpress products (importing can only be done using our Shopify app AliExpress Review Importer and Chrome Extension).

  • Click to view orders associated with reviews from the reviews dashboard (this feature only associates reviews with Shopify orders).

If you have feature requests or would like to vote for new features, please let us know here. Your feedback is valuable in shaping our product's future development.

If you need help product reviews on Squarespace, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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