Rewarding reviewers with coupons
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Step 1: Enable Coupons

  • In your admin panel, go to Settings > Rewards > Coupon Settings.

  • Activate the coupon feature.

  • Optionally, provide details for your coupons.

  • Don't forget to save your settings.

For new dashboard

From admin, go to Marketing and Social > Coupons

Step 2: Add Coupon Details to Your Review Request

  • You can integrate coupon details into your review request email content by accessing Requests > Email Templates or simply using the variable {{ coupon_details }} in your email template.

  • By letting your customers know that they'll receive a coupon for their review, you'll significantly boost their incentive to leave feedback. Each qualified review earns the customer one coupon.

Step 3: Set Up Your Coupons

For Coupons

  • If you're using Shopify, can automatically generate discounts for you. These discounts will appear in your Shopify Discounts dashboard as PriceRule-...

  • Each discount can have multiple coupon codes, which we'll send to your reviewers.

  • To view the coupon code and discount code in, go to Reviews > Reviews Dashboard, select a review, and click the 3-dot icon > View more.

  • If the review qualifies for a coupon, you'll see the necessary information.

Customizing Discount Rules

  • If you wish to customize the discount rules, go to Settings > Rewards > Review Coupons.

  • If not, you can skip this step.

Generated coupon code

Enter a suffix for your coupon.

Coupon discount value

Choose discount by a percentage or a fixed amount

Minimum purchase requirements

Specify a minimum order amount before the code can be used (Minimum purchase amount or Minimum quantity of items)

Customer eligibility

  • When OFF: Anyone can use the coupon.

  • When ON: Only the reviewer can use the coupon (If no email in your Shopify customer list matches the email in the review, we will make the coupon available for anyone instead).

Use per customer

  • When OFF: No usage limit

  • When ON: One use per customer

Usage limits

  • When OFF: No usage limit

  • When ON: You can set up the number of times each code can be used in total.

Coupon validity

  • When OFF: Coupon can be used forever.

  • When ON: Coupon can only be used for a period of time.

Reminder email

  • When OFF: We won't send a coupon reminder email.

  • When ON: We will send a reminder email n days before the coupon expires.

For External Codes

  • If you're using platforms other than Shopify or prefer to create your own discount, you can do so within your platform and then add the code in admin > Settings > Rewards > Coupon Code (external codes).

  • For details on static and dynamic coupons and instructions on uploading dynamic coupons, refer to the Static Coupon and Dynamic Coupon article.

Step 4: Configure Reward Conditions

  • You can set up reward conditions by navigating to admin > Settings > Rewards > Reward Conditions.

  • Coupons will only be created when a review meets specific conditions related to the reviewer, the review content, and the ratings.

Reviewer Conditions

any reviewer

Any reviewer can receive a coupon

verified buyers only

Only if the reviewer is a verified buyer

buyers of the reviewed product only

Only if the email address in the review has been used to order the product.

reviewers requested by

Only if the reviewer comes from review requests (review source = email/PushOwl/SMS)

Review Conditions and Minimum Rating

Choose from various review conditions to determine eligibility.

  • any review

  • any review with title and body filled in

  • any review with at least one photo or video

  • any review with at least one video

Set a minimum rating (1 to 5 stars) required for a reward.

Step 5: Customize the Coupon Email

  • Once all conditions are met, we will send the reviewer the coupon code via email.

  • To personalize this email, go to Settings > Rewards > Coupon Email.

  • You can tailor your coupon emails in multiple languages by following these steps:

  1. Follow the guide to publish translated languages in Shopify and enable multiple language emails in

  2. In Coupon Email settings, select the language you wish to edit from the drop-down menu and customize the email content accordingly.

Unlock the power of coupons with to incentivize reviews and foster customer loyalty on your e-commerce platform.

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