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The Requests dashboard serves as your central hub for overseeing all review request communications in It encompasses line items designated to receive review request emails, SMS messages, or push notifications. Additionally, within this dashboard, you'll find convenient access to Email Templates, A/B testing, and Reports through the provided sub-tabs.

1. How to Access the Requests Dashboard

To reach the Requests dashboard, go to the Requests tab within your admin dashboard, or simply visit

2. Monitoring the Status of Your Review Requests sends review requests when orders are fully filled, not when they are placed. If a review request is scheduled, you'll see "Will send on [date]" in the status column.

The status changes when an email is "delivered," or when the customer "reads the email," "writes a review," or "edits a review."

Review requests won't be sent if:

  • A customer has already given a review for a product. Customers only get one review request per product (no matter the variant). But if they haven't reviewed the product yet, they'll get a request with a new order.

  • You excluded a product from the review request schedule in

If you choose to send review requests when orders are delivered instead of when they are fulfilled, the status will say "waiting for delivery."

3. Sending Manual Review Requests

Review requests usually happen automatically based on your settings, but you can control them manually when needed. Here's what you can do:

  • Add manual requests: Set up Review Requests for older orders filled before you started using or orders from a bulk CSV import.

  • Skip requests: Pass over all undelivered review requests for past orders until now.

  • Resend requests: Decide to never send a review request to a particular buyer or product again.

You can also turn on automatic reminders, push notifications (with PushOwl), and SMS requests (using SMSBump or SMS Notifications).


If a customer buys a product multiple times in one order, they'll only get one review request for that product (e.g., "Please review your purchase of {{ order_quantity }} x {{ product_title }}").

To make sure your review request emails reach the inbox and don't end up in spam, we limit each store to 5000 review request emails per day by default. If you need more, contact us, and we'll consider increasing the limit for your store.

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