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Enabling automated social review sharing
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Looking to disseminate your reviews on social media platforms? With the capability to integrate your Facebook Page, Instagram, or Twitter account into, our application can distribute your reviews based on your pre-defined criteria.

1. Facilitating automated social sharing

1.1. Enabling Facebook & Instagram social sharing

Step 1: Establish connection between and your Facebook & Instagram accounts

From admin, go to Marketing & Social > Social Push > Facebook & Instagram Authentication

For other platforms

Commence by going to the admin dashboard and accessing Settings > Social Media > Facebook & Instagram > Facebook & Instagram Authentication.

  • If your intention is to solely connect your Facebook account for Facebook social sharing and/or to activate the Facebook Reviews tab, simply click the Login button. During the authorization process, designate the Facebook Page that you wish to employ for automatic social sharing.

  • For those extending sharing to Instagram, ensure your Instagram account has been integrated with your Facebook Page, following the provided tutorial. Subsequently, click the Login button and, during authorization, choose both the Facebook Page and the Instagram business account designated for automated social sharing.


  • Should you have previously logged into your Facebook account without integrating Instagram, it's necessary to disable the integration with and recommence the procedure. This step is pivotal to grant the required permissions for Instagram account access.

  • Post-login, the names of your Facebook Page and Instagram business account will be visible. Select Use this page/account to establish the connection. Note that administrative access to the Facebook Page is mandatory to enable connection; otherwise, it will be marked as "cannot use."

Step 2: Customizing social sharing templates

Customize the Facebook sharing template

Within the Facebook Push Template section, tailor the message designated for Facebook sharing.

  • If reviews incorporate images, opt between sharing a randomized review photo or the associated product image. Default selection is option (1).

  • For text-only reviews, product images will be shared. However, if reviews lack product image correlation, solely textual review content can be shared on Facebook.

Customize the Instagram sharing template

Within the Instagram Push Template section, craft the message intended for Instagram sharing.

  • Analogous to the Facebook template, when reviews include images, opt between sharing a randomized review photo or the product image (defaulting to option 1).

  • In cases of text-only reviews unrelated to product images, sharing such reviews on Instagram isn't feasible.

1.2. Enabling Twitter social sharing

Step 1: Integrating your Twitter account with

Step 2: Personalize the Twitter sharing template

In the Twitter Push Template section, personalize the message designated for Twitter sharing.

For other platforms

2. Configuring automatic social sharing conditions

Within the admin dashboard, go to Marketing & Social > Social Push > Social Push Settings. Here, establish parameters dictating when, how frequently, and how many reviews are automatically shared.

  • Posting Quota: Determine the percentage (0-100%) of reviews for sharing.

  • Minimum Rating: Select the minimum rating requirement for eligible reviews.

  • Review Photos: Decide on sharing reviews with/without photos.

  • Verified Buyers: Choose whether to share reviews from verified/non-verified buyers.

  • Time Interval: Set a minimum time gap of up to 24 hours between automatic social sharing instances.

For other platforms

Within the admin dashboard, go to Settings > Social Media > Social Push Settings


  • Opting to conceal reviews containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or inappropriate language via the Profanity Filter prevents automatic social sharing of such reviews.

  • For published and censored reviews, automatic social sharing remains functional; however, any sensitive data or prohibited terms will be substituted with [****].

If you need help enabling automated social review sharing, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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