How does Reviews work?
Updated over a week ago is a third-party platform that powers reviews for online businesses globally.

We are open for all consumers and businesses on supported commerce platform and it's free to use.

How does Reviews Site reviews work?

Note, when you submit a review for business that use app and you don’t have an account yet, the one be created automatically for you.

  • Reviewers can share their experiences and recommendations with family, friends, followers and other fellow shoppers via public reviewer profile.

Note, by default your reviews are published on your public profile page, so all visitors can see them.

Exception is when you set your name preference for the specific review to be Anonymous or Initials only (e.g. J.S), this enables private mode for this reviews.

What is our business model?

For Consumers Reviews Site aims to restore trust in online shopping.

  • Reviews Site is free for consumers.

  • On the Reviews Site, you are don’t buying directly from, but from one of the many trusted online businesses.

  • Online businesses have their own processing times, delivery methods, store policies, etc.

  • Anyone can write a review on the Reviews Site. Reviewers can manage their reviews via Reviewer account.

  • The Reviews Site aims to create a safe space for online shopping. Online businesses must meet specific criteria to join, including having at least 10 verified reviews and a reviews transparency score above 80%. Reviews must not be used deceptively or untruthfully.

For Business.

Our B2B flagship app, Product Reviews, enables online businesses to collect and display reviews and other user-generated content.

  • Most features on the B2B app are free, including collecting and displaying reviews, and getting a "Verified" badge for reviews associated with orders. Online businesses can’t pay to get “Verified” badge or affect any trust metrics displayed on the Reviews Site.

  • The B2B app offers a paid plan for $15 per month, providing access for businesses to additional features such as integrations with other apps, Google Shopping or Facebook. Also businesses get access to Q&A functionality, customization options on how reviews are displayed (such as changing colours, style, adding search bar for reviews) and many others.

  • Listing for stores and products on Reviews Site is free. Online businesses may pay a fee for sales generated via the Reviews Site and/or audit services done for them.

If you need help with Reviews, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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