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Displaying reviews on the review site

1. Can I moderate the reviews before publishing?

Yes, you can moderate your reviews and publish only the ones you want, similar to what you can do in Product Reviews app.

2. Can I display only shop-level reviews?

You can display both product and shop-level reviews on your store page, and product reviews on specific product pages. Basically, the reviews displayed on our review site will be exactly the same as the reviews in your Product Reviews app.

However, at this stage, we can't give a concrete answer about whether you can display ONLY store reviews because we plan to have our pricing is mainly based on the referral clicks to your product pages (please check question 1 of part 5 for more details).

3. I have a 4-star review but it's showing as 0%, is that because we have so many more 5 stars?

Yes, we round to the nearest percentage, so for example, if you get 0.3% of 4-star reviews, it will show up as 0.

4. Will my reviews appear in Google rich snippets?

Your reviews will appear in Google rich snippets. You can adjust the settings in your app: Please check this helpdesk article for more details.

5. My reviews are in different languages. Can I display them all?

Our review site is synchronized with the Product Reviews app, so your reviews displayed on the review site will be exactly the same as those in the app, in terms of content and languages. For example, if your reviews are in French, they will remain in French on the review site.

Basically, whatever content coming from your store (reviews, product descriptions) will remain in your store's main language. Prices will also be displayed in your store's main currency. Only the main elements of the review site interface (tabs, buttons, etc.) will be in English.

6. Can we choose to showcase reviews from a while ago on our review cards? It only gives me the option to feature one of the last 10 reviews for that product.

Due to technical limitations, you can only see 10 latest reviews in the "Create card" pop-up window. However, you showcase all your published reviews, even the ones from a long time ago, by searching for the product name, review title, or review body. Tips: have a quick look at your reviews dashboard ( where all your reviews are displayed to find the keywords, then try searching them in the review cards settings.

7. Do you think it’s better to use product cards or review cards for your review platform?

Both will work! It depends on what type of text you'd like to highlight. We have the product cards that emphasize on the product name and pricing, which is great if you have new collections or special offers to feature. However, showing the product name and pricing means there's less space for the review quote. Conversely, if you have longer review snippets and want to focus on user-generated content (i.e. put emphasis on your customers/reviewers rather than the product itself), you can use the review cards.

8. Will my reviews be shared on the review site if I use cross-shop reviews syndication?

Yes. If you use cross-shop reviews syndication, your reviews will be syndicated among your review site listings. It means that reviews submitted on all stores in the same group will be displayed on the review site listing of others.

If you disable the review site listing of one store in the group, the syndicated reviews will still be displayed on other store pages, but the link of the product pages will be disabled.

Driving traffic to your Shopify store

1. Can the customers purchase my products on the review site?

The customers can't purchase your products directly from our review site, but we'll help you attract potential customers using SEO and online advertising, and funnel them to your Shopify store.

Each of your product pages on our review site has a CTA buttons linked to the Shopify product page so buyers can easily complete their purchases. This feature will remain free for the foreseeable future. Should we introduce a paid plan in the future, we will provide ample notice before any changes to our pricing structure are implemented.

2. How will your review site help drive customers to our website? How will customers discover that this review site even exists? / I'd like to know more about your traffic acquisition strategy.

With SEO-friendly pages, we help your store and product rank higher on Google when people search for "product name" + "reviews". Besides, we intend to run ads to the review site homepage and selected collections later (e.g. “hammocks” or “leggings” or “coffee”) to promote your products.

Then, we pass our incoming traffic to your store. If you are on the paid plan, we'll place CTA buttons linking to your Shopify product pages so potential customers can buy directly from you. Then, we'll track the referrals using UTM links.

We do not aim to compete directly with your website's SEO. Instead, we aim to promote this review site as a neutral, B2C-focused platform that:

  • Showcases product and store reviews under our brand name

  • Helps potential buyers find genuine, bias-free reviews from reputable independent businesses.

In other words, we'll become an additional channel where you can use reviews to promote your products.

3. Will Google Analytics report sales referred from the site separately from other sources?

Yes, the sales generated from the review site will be reported in a separate campaign. Currently, we add UTMs to track the sales. We'll be also creating a reporting dashboard so you can see the sales referred from our review site.

Customizing your pages

1. Our URL shows as the Shopify domain which doesn't match our business name or branding, can we customize it?

Yes, you can customize your store page URL in the Store info settings:

The link to your Store page follows the format:[your_customized_part], where [your_customized_part] must between 4 to 100 characters and can only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and these 3 special characters: period (.), dash (-), underscore (_). For example, an acceptable store page link is Learn the detailed instructions here.

2. I have multiple stores in different languages, can I create 1 consolidated company profile and have a language filter?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on our review site for now. Medals

1. I have a lot of reviews that were transferred across from my previous reviews app that are doubled in Can I delete those to improve my badge rating?

If your imported reviews are duplicated, you contact us at [email protected]. Our support team will help you remove those duplicated reviews, which can help you improve your medal rating.

Please note that:

  • Archived verified reviews that are not completely deleted will still affect the level of your medals. Please learn more about the criteria of each medal here.

  • We only support deleting imported reviews. Non-imported reviews (web reviews or reviews collected via emails) can’t be completely deleted. The only exception is spammed reviews from a known spammer.

2. I have some duplicated web reviews or reviews with 5 stars but irrelevant content (e.g. complaining about orders not delivered yet). I hide these reviews so it will likely affect my score for the transparency medal. Is it possible to consider fixing this?

Since duplicated web reviews can't be deleted completely, we'll think about how to improve this in the future. In the meantime, unless you have a huge quantity of duplicates that are hidden or archived, it's not going to affect your ranking much.

Other questions

1. What's the pricing of this site?

Our goal is to funnel potential buyers to your store to make purchases directly from you. All aspects of this site are now free.

2. Can I opt-out if it is not suitable?

Yes, you can opt-out if the review site doesn't feel right for you. You can do that by disabling the site here: Check this helpdesk article for detailed instructions.

3. Do need additional permissions - beyond what you have now – to facilitate our participation?

No, we don't require any more permissions from you.

If you need help with review site, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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