What is a Judge.me reviewer account?
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1. Reviewer account on Judge.me

  • Connects to orders and reviews submitted via businesses using Judge.me app.

  • Completely free, you have full control on displayed content.

  • Created automatically once you've written at least one reviews for businesses using Judge.me product reviews app.

2. Edit view of the Reviewer account

"My reviews" tab

This tab shows the list of reviews and allows you to:

"My orders" tab

This tab shows you the list of orders you've made with businesses that use Judge.me. Here you can write new reviews or edit existing ones for your past purchases.

"Me rewards" tab

This tab shows you the list of rewards (coupons) you've received from businesses using Judge.me.

General account settings

General settings can be accessed by clicking on Cog icon and allows you to:

  • Update your banner, profile picture and profile picture display preference. Learn more where profile image can be shown.

  • Change your name. Note, you can use you nickname or pseudonym in the Reviewer profile, but you must not impersonate someone with your profile.

  • Update description for you profile and add up to 5 interests.

  • Link your Socials: Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and personal website.

Your Favourites

On Judge.me Reviews Site you can click the heart button on products, stores or reviewers to add them in your Favourites.

  • you can access and manage your favourites lists later by clicking Manage button on the account page or Following in the navigation menu.

  • you can access a personalised feed that was created for you based on your favourites by clicking on Feed in the navigation menu.

Note, If you want to delete your Judge.me Reviewer account, please contact Judge.me support team via chat on Reviews Site pages or via email at [email protected].

3. Public view of the Reviewer account

If you need help with Judge.me reviewer account, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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