What is a Public reviewer page?
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Public reviewer profile page on Judge.me allows you to share your experiences and recommendations with the family, friends, followers and other fellow shoppers on Judge.me Reviews Site.

1. What information will be displayed on your public reviewer profile?

Shoppers on Judge.me Reviews site can browse on your public profile page:

  • Information that you filled in your profile settings:

    • your banner and profile image

    • your name, profile description and interests.

    • links to your Socials: Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and personal website.

  • Count of reviews you've written and published, photos from your public reviews.

  • Count of you Favourites (reviewers, products and stores you follow)

  • Content of your public reviews.

2. How my Public profile page can be accessed?

  • Visitors of product and store pages on Judge.me Reviews Site can read reviews you've written, can see your name in the context of review and can click on it to see your public profile page.

  • Visitors Judge.me Reviews Site can go to Find people and might see link to your public profile page.

  • You can share a direct link to your public profile page with your family, friends or followers.

3. How can I manage publish status for my reviews?

  • Go to your Judge.me reviewer account. Go to My reviews tab in Edit view of your profile page.

  • Find the review you want to manage and click on Publish /Unpublish button to change preference of review display on your public profile page.

If you need help with public reviewer page, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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