Guidelines on Reviews content
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Guidelines on Reviews content

When submitting a review, video, or photograph, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Your review should be based on your genuine experience with the product or the business's customer support within the last 12 months. Avoid reviewing factors outside the seller's control, such as delivery companies or third parties.

  • Ensure that you have no special relationship with the business, such as being a family member, an owner or an employee of a direct competitor.

  • Your review should be unbiased, authentic, and not falsely positive due to personal relationships or compensation.

  • If uploading videos or photographs with reviews, make sure you have the necessary rights or permissions to use the content.

  • Follow community guidelines and refrain from including offensive, hateful, or harassing language or imagery, as well as unsolicited promotions, private information, or content that violates intellectual property rights.

Consumers own their reviews

Reviews (including text, images, and videos), are owned by their authors.

  • In your account you can also control how your name and profile image is displayed in specific reviews.

  • Online businesses have the option to suggest edits to resolve typos or formatting issues in reviews. However, the you hold the final approval authority.

Note, after a business suggests an edit, a notification email is sent to the author of review asking to accept the changes. will not publish unapproved changes in reviews. Online businesses cannot modify star ratings.

If you need help with Reviews content, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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