Where collected reviews can be displayed?
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Online businesses can enable reviews collection via web forms and invites. It is also possible for stores to import previously collected reviews.

Ways how online businesses can display their reviews

On website pages of the businesses

On Judge.me Reviews Site

If business qualifies and opts in on Judge.me Reviews Site, its published reviews will be automatically synchronized and displayed on the Reviews Site.

Note, reviews and their content can be displayed on the Reviews Site on the following pages:

  • Product and Store listing pages.

  • Reviewer profile private and public pages.

  • Feed page shows events of reviewers, products and stores that user follows.

  • Category pages can contain photos got from real reviews as representation of product categories.

  • Home page can contain reviews collected by Judge.me and photos got from real reviews as representation of product collections and categories.

Online businesses may show reviews outside their website

Online business for which you wrote a review, can synchronise their reviews with third parties.

For example, business can share reviews with other sales channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, Etsy, Meta or other apps and partners.

If you need help with how collected reviews can be displayed, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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