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Customizing Review Widget settings (Widget 3.0)
Customizing Review Widget settings (Widget 3.0)
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The Review Widget helps collect and display your product reviews on the product pages.

You can customize the Review Widget by going to your admin, go to Widgets > Review Widget > Manage

For other platforms

In your admin go to Settings > Review Widget. review widget customize settings

In this article, we'll go through all customizations for Widget 3.0 in detail.

Example of the Review Widget 3.0:

example of review widget

Customize the Review Widget

Note: Certain features are exclusively available on's Awesome plan and specific partner plans.

Widget header

In the Widget Header, you can customize:

  • Widget Color: choose colors for different elements of your widgets.

    • Primary color: This color will be applied to buttons, stars, links, and upvote buttons. (*Note: the star color here only applies to the review widgets. If you want to set a different color for the Star Ratings stars, please choose the color in Star Ratings Settings.)

    • Secondary color: This color will be applied to the background of the review replies/Q&A, selected options, section divisors, and other secondary elements. We suggest the use of lighter color than your primary color.

  • Medals: add Medals to your widgets.

    • If the medals are displayed on the Review Widget of a product, it will reflect the reviews of that specific product.

    • If the medals are displayed on the Reviews Page and Floating Reviews Tab, they will reflect the total reviews of your stores.

  • Widget Media Grid: display a grid of your most recent review photos and videos.

  • Widget Review Text Header: customize texts for the header title and "collected by", which is linked to's Authenticity policy. This is to inform your reviewers that the reviews you collected are from actual buyers.

  • Widget Header: customize texts for the widget title, button labels, display/hide the widget search bar, etc.

Widget Rating Filter: display/hide the rating filter, change the filter color, and customize the drop-down texts.

Widget body

In the Widget Body, you can customize:

  • Review Timestamps: display/hide the timestamp for each review and choose the date format (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy).

  • Review Photos and Videos: allow reviewers to submit review photos and videos.

  • Look and Feel: display/hide the widget border, customize the review length, and verified buyer badge color.

  • Border Style: choose either the square or round corner for your widget.

  • Pagination Type: choose either the standard pagination (1,2,3,...) or the "load more" button on your widget

  • Store and Reviewer Details: choose your store name when replying to reviewers, display/hide country flag, reviewer location, etc.

  • Product Prefix Text: display/hide product URL for grouped products, choose prefix text for product titles in reviews.

  • Review Engagement: display/hide the social share and upvote buttons.

  • Review & Question Pagination: choose the number of reviews to display on each page of the widget.

Widget form

In the Widget Form, you can customize:

  • Widget Form Preset Rating: choose either or not to preset the rating to 5.

  • Widget Review Form: customize the widget form fields, placeholders, and success message.

  • Q/A Widget Texts: customize the Q&A form fields, placeholders, and success message.

  • Email Review Follow-up: customize the content for the review follow-up email sent after the review is submitted.

Widget themes

Available on the Awesome plan

You can choose among the 4 themes: Default, Cards (Leex), Align, and Slider. See real examples of each widget theme here.

For other platforms

To access the Widget header, from Settings go to Review widget > Widget header

To access the Widget body, from Settings go to Review widget > Widget body

To access the Widget form, from Settings go to Review widget > Widget form

To select the Widget theme, from Settings go to Review widget > Widget themes

Collect & display reviews with the Review Widget

  • Besides the review request emails, you can collect reviews directly on your product page via the Review Widget. These reviews can be verified if both of these conditions are satisfied:

    • can detect any fulfilled orders associated with the reviews.

    • The reviewers have confirmed their reviews by clicking on the link in the review verification emails.

  • AggregateRating will be added to your Review Widget if you have at least 1 review. This will help you display your star ratings in the search results.

  • Reviewers can change their display name, and display name format, as well as display/hide their profile image when submitting a review on your Review Widget. They can also edit and delete the reviews they submitted.

  • In Review Widget > Review Moderation, you can choose how you'd like to manage your reviews:


If you need help customizing Review Widget settings, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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