Customizing Review Widget settings
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The Review Widget helps collect and display your product reviews on the product pages. You can customize the Review Widget by going to Reviews > Widgets > Review Widget > Manage

For other platforms

  • You can customize the Review Widget by going to Settings > Review Widget.

Note: Certain features are exclusively available on's Awesome plan and specific partner plans.


In the Widget Header, you can customize:

  • Widget Color: Just click on the color picker and choose the star color you want. This setting will update the start color for widgets. If you want the Star Ratings star color to be different, please set that in Star Rating settings.

  • Widget Review Text Header: You can customize all the display text (title, button text, etc., and also add "collected by", which is linked to's Authenticity policy. This is to inform your reviewers that the reviews you collected are from actual buyers.

  • Widget Rating Filter: You can choose to display the rating filter or not, change the filter color, and customize the drop-down texts.

Widget body

In the Widget Body, you can customize:

  • Review timestamps

  • Look and feel: border, length, verified buyer badge color

  • Store and reviewer details: country flag, location, etc.

  • Review photos and videos

  • Review engagement: social share, upvotes, etc.

Widget form

In the Widget Form, you can customize:

  • Widget form preset rating

  • All widget form texts (Awesome plan)

  • Q&A widget texts

  • Email review follow-up template

Widget themes

Available on the Awesome plan

You can choose among the 3 themes: Default, Cards (Leex), and Align.


  • Besides the review request emails, you can collect reviews directly on your product page via the Review Widget. These reviews can be verified if they are associated with a fulfilled order, and the reviewers have confirmed their reviews via the review verification emails.

  • AggregateRating will be added to your Review Widget if you have at least 1 review. This will help you display your star ratings in the search results.

  • We also have a more detailed article that covers troubleshooting across a few different cases.


If you need help customizing Review Widget settings, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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