Review Widget themes (widget 3.0)
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The Review Widget lets you collect reviews and display them under your product pages to help your buyers make more informed decisions. You can choose among 4 widget themes and apply various customizations to make your Review Widget more harmonized with your store.

To change your widget them, from admin, go to Widgets > Review Widget > Manage

For other platforms

To change your widget theme, go to Settings > Review Widget > Widget Themes.

1. Default

In the Default theme, your widget title, star rating scale, and reviews are left-aligned. The Write a review and Ask a question buttons are right-aligned. review widget default theme

2. Cards (Leex)

In the Cards (Leex) theme, your widget title, star rating scale, and buttons remain the same, but your reviews are organized in cards. Only the first review photo is shown in the widget, so you probably want to change the photo order to show your favorite one. review widget cards theme

3. Align

In the Align theme, your widget title, star rating scale, and buttons are center-aligned. The reviews are left-aligned with star ratings displayed just before them. review widget align theme

4. Slider

In the Slider theme, you can display your reviews in a Slider layout, where each review is displayed as a card. Customers and click on the arrows to move back and forth, or click on each card to see the full review. review widget slider theme

If you need help with Review Widget themes, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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