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Customizing your widgets
Customizing your widgets
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If you want to ensure that widgets blend with your store's design, you have options:

1. Customize widgets yourself

In just a few clicks, you can tailor your widgets using our in-app settings:

1.1. Tailor the Review Widget

The Review Widget enables you to gather and display reviews under your product pages, aiding your customers in making informed decisions.

  • Choose from three widget themes.

  • Adjust text, star colors, review and store details.

  • Incorporate review images, videos, custom forms.

  • Schedule review request emails and more.

1.2. Personalize the Star Ratings

  • The Star Ratings showcases review numbers and aggregate ratings on your product and collection pages, helping visitors assess your products swiftly.

  • You can customize star colors and badge text.

1.3. Customize the Review Carousel

The Review Carousel elegantly showcases your featured reviews in a carousel style on a specific page of your online store:

  • Choose from six carousel themes.

  • Modify the carousel background color, title, height, width, and number of reviews displayed, among other options.

If you're looking for additional widgets, explore these options:

  • Reviews Page: Display all your product and store reviews on a separate page.

  • Questions and Answers: Allow customers to ask questions in the Review Widget.

  • Verified Reviews Counter: Showcase a badge indicating your number of verified reviews and the aggregate rating.

Advanced users familiar with HTML and CSS can take customization even further:

  • Advanced Customizations for the Review Widget: Adjust the widget's width and margin, customize store reply colors, hide review titles, change reviewer names, and more.

  • Advanced Customizations for the Reviews Page: Add more review columns, and apply additional customizations for mobile and tablet views.

Upgrade to our Awesome Plan to unlock all features.

2. Request help with basic design tweaks

Our in-app settings cover most popular customizations, but if you're not comfortable with CSS or coding, we can assist with fundamental changes by applying CSS styles to your theme. We can help with:

  • Colors: Match elements to your store's theme.

  • Borders, Padding, Margin: Balance border, padding, and margin settings with your store's design.

  • Width and Height: Adjust dimensions to harmonize with your store's layout.

  • Font: Apply custom fonts to widgets if they don't automatically match your theme's style.

  • Hidden Elements: Conceal specific elements in your widgets.

To request customization:

  1. List changes in bullet points.

  2. Be specific about colors, border widths, font names, etc.

  3. Include a screenshot with notes if needed.

  4. Email your request to [email protected].

For example, "Change the background color of my 'write a review' button to green (color code: #32a852)." See more examples of descriptive customization requests that expedite our service.


  • This process streamlines our response to your request.

  • Customization requests may take 1 to 3 days to complete.

  • For extensive customizations, see the next section on engaging specialists.

3. Seek expert assistance for advanced customizations

For intricate customizations, consider engaging specialists from the Shopify Experts community. They excel in:

  • Changing widget layouts, such as repositioning star ratings, review titles, and buttons.

  • Altering widget and element designs, including shaping star ratings, adding padding, or rounded corners to buttons, and modifying rating scale designs in custom forms.

  • Introducing additional elements and functions to widgets, like changing button states, adding review search bars, or implementing review filters.

  • Customizing colors, spacing, sizing, fonts, and other details of elements on your website.

We recommend reaching out to HeyCarson for personalized, long-term support, or using Storetasker for larger projects.

These experts are well-equipped to handle advanced or extensive customizations that go beyond what can offer.


  • Explore the endless possibilities with Shopify experts for even more customization options.

  • If you've had customizations done by other specialists, reach out to their dedicated support teams for tailored assistance.

  • Do you believe a particular feature would enhance your experience? Don't hesitate to submit a feature request!

If you need help customizing your widgets, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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