Managing reviews FAQ
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1. Can I choose which reviews to display in my store? / How do I turn off the auto-publish feature?

Yes, you can. However at we recommend that you publish all of your reviews, even the bad one's.

When you turn off the auto-publish feature, any newly submitted reviews won't be published automatically but listed as Reviews to Moderate. You can publish these reviews by clicking on the Publish button in each review, or filter all Reviews to Moderate and publish them in bulk.

If you want to publish all reviews automatically, please turn on the auto-publish feature in Reviews Moderation.

2. Is it possible to share reviews among different products?

Yes. You can share reviews among different products by creating product groups. All products in the same product group will show all the reviews of the products in that group. Learn how to create product groups.

3. Can my customers edit the reviews after submission?

Yes. Reviewers can edit their reviews by going back to the review request emails they received and submitting the reviews again. They can also edit their reviews by logging in to their reviewer's profile.

As a store owner, you can also edit the reviews yourself from the Reviews dashboard. To edit reviews, click on the three dots icon on the right of each review, and choose Edit Review. An edit pop-up will appear and you can change the Name, Review Title, and Review Body. In line with our authenticity policy, we do not allow star ratings to be edited to maintain the integrity of reviews on If you think the star ratings need to be updated, please send an email to your reviewers to ask for a review update. After you submit the changes, your customer will receive an email asking whether he or she will approve the changes.

4. Can I change the review date?

Yes. You can go to Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Review Timestamps, then choose date and time format you want. You can also turn off the timestamp completely from here.

5. Can I change the way the reviewer's name is displayed?

Yes. You can go to Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Shop and Reviewer Details, then choose the way you want to display your store name and the reviewer's name.

Note: This feature is only available in Awesome plan

6. Can I delete the reviews?

Yes. You can delete the reviews following these steps:

  1. Select the All Reviews tab.

  2. Select the reviews you want to delete, then choose to Hide those reviews.

  3. Apply the Hidden Reviews in the review filters.

  4. You'll see a blue banner with a short notice about hidden reviews. Click on the Click here link to delete all your hidden reviews. This action will delete your hidden reviews immediately. Otherwise, all hidden reviews are automatically deleted after 7 days.

Please note that your deleted reviews will appear in the Archived reviews tab and not be completely removed from the system.

7. Can I reply to the reviews?

Yes. You can also reply to the reviews from the Reviews dashboard by clicking Reply. You can choose between:

  • Public reply (widget): The reply will show in the Review Widget, and a notification will be sent to your customers.

  • Private reply (email): An email will be sent to your customers.

If you need help managing reviews, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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