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Sharing reviews across stores with Cross-Shop review syndication
Sharing reviews across stores with Cross-Shop review syndication
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Available on the Awesome plan

Cross-shop review syndication simplifies the process of automatically sharing reviews between your stores. Here's how it works and why it can be valuable:

What is Cross-Shop Review Syndication?

Cross-shop review syndication is a feature that allows one store to share its existing and future reviews with other stores in your group.

Why is it Valuable?

This feature is particularly valuable in two scenarios:

  1. Multilingual or Multiregional Support: If you have multiple stores catering to different languages or regions, cross-shop syndication ensures that reviews are accessible across all these stores.

  2. Syndicating with Retailers, Partners, or Affiliates: If you collaborate with retailers, partners, or affiliates who sell the same products, you can syndicate reviews, boosting the visibility and credibility of your products.

How Syndication Works

We make use of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to match products across your stores, and this feature is platform-agnostic, working across all platforms. Here are the key details:

  • Defining Product SKU: A product's SKU is determined by adding together the SKUs of all its variants.

  • Variant Consistency: If your products have variants, it's important that the number of variants in each store is the same. The order of variants can differ, as long as the product SKUs remain identical.

Setting up Cross-Shop Review Syndication

Step 1: Qualify Your Stores

Ensure that your stores meet these criteria:

  • All stores must be on the Awesome plan.

  • Each product must have the same SKUs across all stores.

  • If a product has variants, the variants and their quantity must match across all stores.

Step 2: Create a Shop Group

To create a shop group, follow these steps:

  1. In the admin of any of your stores, go to Settings > Advanced > Cross-Shop Review Syndication.

  2. Click on Create new shop group.

  3. Be sure to copy the token generated for the shop group.

For new dashboard

From admin, go to General Settings > Advanced, then scroll down to Cross-store review syndication section

Step 3: Add Other Stores to the Group

To connect other stores to your shop group:

  1. Log out of the current store or use a different browser.

  2. Log in to another store that you want to sync reviews with.

  3. Go to Settings > Advanced > Cross-Shop Review Syndication.

  4. Click on Join a shop group.

  5. Enter the token you copied earlier and click Join.

Once your stores are successfully connected, you'll see them listed under Shops in this group. Depending on the number of products, it may take some time to sync the reviews.

Tip: If you ever need to leave the shop group, simply click Leave Group.

Additional Notes on Cross-Shop Syndication and Other Features

  • Review Management: Synced reviews will appear on the front end of all stores but will only show on the dashboard of the store where they were originally submitted.

  • Google Shopping: Google requires that reviews originate from the relevant store. Each store must have a separate rating feed for Google Shopping.

  • Product Groups: If using cross-shop review syndication alongside product groups, ensure that product groups are identical in all stores for expected syncing.

  • Review Site Listings: If all stores in a shop group are listed on our review site, reviews submitted on any of these stores will be displayed on the review site listing of others.

  • Widgets: Cross-shop review syndication is compatible with various widgets, such as the review widget, Star Ratings, verified review count badge, all reviews page, and floating reviews tab, each with specific functionality and considerations.

These guidelines aim to provide clear, concise, and actionable instructions for users looking to leverage the Cross-Shop Review Syndication feature effectively.

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