Judge.me widget 3.0 FAQs
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1. Pricing

Does it cost more?

No, our pricing stays the same: Forever Free and Awesome ($15/month).

Learn More About the Awesome Plan

I'm using the free plan. Is there a problem? Do I have to pay to use the new widget 3.0?

You can use Widget 3.0 on the free plan for sure. It's an upgraded version of your existing Review Widget. Most essential features are available on the free plan, such as choosing widget color, adding medals, photo & video reviews, media grid, etc. Learn more about new features in Widget 3.0.

2. Installation and performance

Will I have to install or will your company automatically install it?

You can upgrade to Widget 3.0 by going to Settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Widget Version, then click "Upgrade to Widget 3.0". Your widget will be upgraded after a few minutes.

Will there be any issues or glitches while using the new widget?

If there are any issues, contact [email protected] and we’ll fix them as soon as possible.

Will the upgrade interfere with my current settings and reviews?

No, your current settings and reviews will stay the same. Only the widget design will be changed, and some new features such as border styles, pin reviews, Slider theme, etc.

Will it slow down my website?

We'll do a speed test after the upgrade to check the impact of Widget 3.0 on your website. If there are any issues, contact [email protected] and we'll fix them as soon as possible.

Can I be back to the previous version if Widget 3.0 won't work really well?

Please contact [email protected] if you want to downgrade to Widget 2.1.

3. Widget design and features

What are the new features?

In this version, we have redesigned our widgets to be more trendy and user-friendly with a new widget theme (Slider) and various features: pin top reviews, customize border styles, add medals, and more. Learn more about new features in Widget 3.0.

Can I see what it will look like before it goes live? / Do you have any sites the widget is currently on so I can review them before upgrading? / Do you have a demo site?

Please check some stores below that have successfully upgraded to Widget 3.0:

When I pin the review, does it allow me to show it on social media?

Yes, you can share your pinned reviews on social media, both automatically and manually.

Do all review pictures appear in the widget?

Yes, all your existing pictures appear in the widget and you can continue to collect more review pictures as usual.

Do the changes also apply to other widgets (like the Reviews Carousel)?

Widget 3.0 design and features now only apply to the Review Widget, Reviews Page, and Floating Reviews Tab.

I have stores in different languages and they all installed Judge.me. Does Widget 3.0 work for all stores?

Yes, Widget 3.0 works for 37 available languages in Judge.me. Please login to each of your stores to upgrade to Widget 3.0 for them.

Is Widget 3.0 available on WooCommerce/BigCommerce/Squarespace?

At the moment, Widget 3.0 is only working on Shopify.

If you need help with Judge.me widget 3.0, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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