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Gathering store reviews in your review request emails
Gathering store reviews in your review request emails
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Store reviews are an excellent way to highlight the overall customer experience of your store, including aspects like customer support, delivery, and website user experience.

1. Collect verified store reviews using review request emails

1.1. Add the "Shop review" block to the Email Template

  • From admin, go to Collect Reviews > Email Templates

  • Either choose an existing email template and click the Edit icon or create a new template by clicking the Create template button.

For other platforms

  • Go to the Product Reviews Main Dashboard.

  • Select Requests > Email Templates.

  • Click on Blocks tab and drag & drop Shop review block to add Review our store button into your email template.

  • Click on Text, drag & drop block into your template and write a request for the store review.

  • For detailed instructions on using each block, refer to this article.

1.2. Enable store reviews collection in Post-review modules

  • In the Email Template in Settings > Advanced section, select to redirect users to the Review Collection Page. In the Post-Review modules on the Review Collection Page, check the Collect store reviews box.

  • When activated, will prompt reviewers to share their thoughts on the overall store experience on the success page, right after they've submitted a product review.

By following these steps, you can efficiently gather store reviews through your review request emails, providing valuable insights into your store's overall performance.

2. Collect store reviews via the "write review" button

Gather store reviews organically via Write a Store Review button on your site:

If you need help gathering store reviews in your review request emails, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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