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Encouraging customer reviews with media
Updated over a week ago

The Media Reminder Email feature assists you in gathering more photo and video reviews and showcasing them to your store's visitors and customers.

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From your admin, go to Collect Reviews > Reviewer Notifications > Media reminder email > Customize

Select Send a reminder if customers leave a review without a picture or video option.

By enabling this feature, will automatically send a friendly reminder email to reviewers who haven't included photos or videos in their submitted reviews.

For other platforms

To activate this feature, go to your settings by following these steps:

  1. Click on Settings.

  2. Select Other Emails.

  3. Choose Media Reminder Email.

Configuration options

Within this feature, you have the flexibility to configure various settings to tailor it to your needs:

  • Media Reminder Email Blacklist: You can input specific email addresses to exclude from receiving the Media Reminder Email.

  • Media Reminder Rating Filter: Set the minimum rating required to trigger the Media Reminder Email. For example, send these emails only to those who rated 5 stars.

  • Media Reminder Template: Customize the content and appearance of the Media Reminder Email to align with your brand.

  • Media Reminder Form: Modify the appearance and functionality of the form's submit button.

  • Media Reminder Push: Optionally, integrate with PushOwl to deliver the Media Reminder Email through push notifications.

For other platforms

By implementing these settings, you can proactively encourage customers to enrich their reviews with photos and videos, enhancing the overall shopping experience on your store.

If you need help with Media Reminder Email feature, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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