Troubleshooting review request emails
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1. Gmail clipping content for large HTML files

Gmail may clip content if an HTML file exceeds 102 Kb in size. When emails share the same subject line (conversations), Gmail may concatenate them. If an email is part of a longer conversation due to multiple test emails being sent, portions of the email might be clipped.

2. Adjusting schedule time for orders

Our current email scheduling logic does not allow for changing the processing date once it's scheduled. To address this issue, you can manually send the Review Request Email if needed.

3. Handling orders with cancelations and fulfillments

When an order is fulfilled, we process, predict, and schedule the Review Request Email.

If the store cancels the order before we send the email, our dashboard updates the status of line items to "Will skip: canceled fulfillments," and the order remains unprocessed.

If the store fulfills the order again on a different day, our dashboard assumes it's fulfilled, but the status may not reflect the new processing date as "Will send on xxx."

4. Missing shop-level review request in multi-review email template

Please note that we will only send requests for review requests scheduled as part of regular scheduling, not for those forced via the Request Dashboard or Manual CSV upload. Ensure that you've enabled the Shop Review feature within the Multi-Review Email Template.

5. Email Status: "Will skip: no customer email found"

If your buyers haven't provided an email address (e.g., they used a phone number instead of an email during checkout, or their information was imported), we will generate an email using the format "[email protected]." Review requests will not be sent to these buyers.

If you need help troubleshooting review request emails, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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