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Checking the order associated with a review
Checking the order associated with a review
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If you're a Shopify user receiving reviews through review request emails, you can easily find out which Shopify order these reviews correspond to. Below are two ways to do it:

Method 1: View Order from the Reviews Dashboard

  • In your admin, go to Reviews > Reviews dashboard.

  • Locate the specific review for which you want to see the associated order.

  • Click the three-dot icon (⋮).

  • For reviews linked to an order, you'll find a View Order button. Simply click this button to access the corresponding order in your Shopify admin.

For new dashboard

From admin, go to Reviews > Reviews Dashboard

Method 2: View Order from the Review Notification Email

If you've enabled review notification emails in Settings > Review Requests > Admin Notifications, we'll send you an email when a new review comes in.

In these notification emails, reviews related to an order will include the name of the associated Shopify order (e.g., #1027), which contains the item under review.

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