Editing and hiding review dates
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You can modify the date format or conceal review dates to make them more pertinent to your store. You can also adjust the review date via the CSV file import feature.

Edit review dates

For customer-submitted reviews (including email and web reviews), the date cannot be modified. However, for imported and administrator-generated reviews, you have the flexibility to change the review date during the editing process.

Change Review Date Format

To adjust the date format:

  • Go to Judge.me admin.

  • Access Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Review Timestamps.

  • Select the date format that aligns best with your store.

For new dashboard

From Judge.me admin, go to Widgets > Review Widgets

Hide review dates

To eliminate timestamps from reviews:

  • Visit Judge.me admin.

  • Head to Settings > Review Widget > Widget Body > Review Timestamps.

  • Disable the Review date option.

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