Customizing social media sharing templates
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You have the flexibility to personalize the messages you share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We offer various variables that will integrate with your real data:

  • {{ reviewer_first_name }} (e.g., John)

  • {{ reviewer_name }} (e.g., John Smith)

  • {{ review_rating_emoji }} (e.g., ☆☆☆☆ displayed as emojis)

  • {{ review_rating }} (e.g., a numerical rating like 4)

  • {{ review_title }} (the title of the review)

  • {{ review_body }} (the content of the review)

  • {{ product_url }} (the URL of the respective product)

Customization for Facebook

In the Facebook Push Template section, you can craft messages tailored for sharing on Facebook.

For reviews with photos, you have two options:

  • Push a randomly selected review photo.

  • Push the product image instead (default option).

For reviews containing only text:

  • We'll push the associated product image.

  • In cases where there's no product image, only the review content as text will be shared on Facebook.

Optimizing open graph on Facebook

When sharing a review without a photo but with a URL, Facebook will leverage its 'Open Graph' feature and post the primary photo detected on your product page.

To ensure this works effectively, your product page must provide metadata through tags in your theme.liquid layout file, like so:

<meta property="og:image" content="{{ product.featured_image | product_img_url: 'original' }}" />

You can validate your metadata using Facebook's Sharing Debugger Tool, and read more about the tags (og:image, og:image:width, og:image:height).

Customization for Instagram

For Instagram, note that links within captions or comments are non-clickable. We suggest guiding users to your bio page, from which they can access your store's URL.

In the Instagram Push Template section, tailor your messages for Instagram sharing.

For reviews with photos:

  • Push a randomly selected review photo.

  • The default option is to push the product image.

For reviews containing only text:

  • Pushing reviews without associated product images to Instagram isn't possible.

Customization for Twitter

When sharing a review on Twitter, be aware of the 280-character limit. For reviews in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, the limit is 140 characters. Keep this in mind as you craft your Twitter posts.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure your shared messages resonate effectively across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

If you need help customizing social media sharing templates, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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