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Create loyalty campaign for reviewers with Customer Accounts Concierge integration
Create loyalty campaign for reviewers with Customer Accounts Concierge integration
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Customer Accounts Concierge replaces the account page with a more informative, customizable, and functional widget. The app offers optional plugins that are designed around the idea of a more complete or engaging customer experience, such as social login, wishlist, custom forms, and loyalty. integration allows stores to reward customers with loyalty points for submitting reviews on that meet certain criteria (e.g., including photos or videos, minimum rating, or being verified).

How to Set Up

Step 1: Subscribe to the Loyalty plugin

  • From Customer Accounts Concierge app, choose Subscriptions from the left panel.

  • Toggle on Loyalty and select any of the plans including Integrations (500 orders on forward)

  • Click Update subscription.

Step 2: Integrate

  • Go to Loyalty program > Integrations.

  • Toggle on integration and Save.

  • Login to your account if you haven't.

  • Click Connect to Product Reviews.

  • You will be taken to the Authorization screen where you can approve the access permissions.

Step 3: Set up the Earning rule

  • Go to Loyalty program > Earning rules.

  • Toggle on the review earning rule.

  • Click on the Edit button to open the modal with the different settings.

  • You can set up conditions for further testing on site (extra points for pictures or videos, minimum rating, verified reviews,...).

How customers can earn rewards by submitting reviews

  • You can instruct your customers to create an account on your stores to manage their loyalty points. Example of registration link:

  • When customers submit a review that satisfies your reward conditions, they can see a reward for review in their account, and you can also track their activities in the Customers tab.

If you need help create loyalty campaign for reviewers, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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