How do we collect reviews?
Updated over a week ago is a third-party platform that powers reviews for online businesses globally.

We prioritize transparency and show the source how reviews were collected with a review source badge.

There are four main ways how collects reviews

Invited reviews can send review invites via email, SMS or web push notifications to buyers on behalf of online businesses based on their settings and conditions.

Review collected by invitation:

Organic (web) reviews written on Reviews Site

Visitors of Reviews Site can write reviews through web forms on product, store pages and reviewer profile pages.

Organic (web) reviews written on online businesses' pages

Visitors of online businesses' pages can leave reviews via web review forms in Review Widgets on store pages.

Review collected by web form:

Online businesses can import reviews

Online businesses can import reviews that have been collected by other review providers or collected for their other stores or other sale channels.

Review migrated from other review provider:

Review migrated from other store:

Review from unverified source:

If you need help collecting reviews, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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