Syncing WooCommerce products
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The synchronization of your WooCommerce products with typically occurs without any noticeable interruptions or issues. However, in rare cases where synchronization doesn't occur as expected, you have the option to manually synchronize them.

Checking the correct sync of your products with

  1. Go to the Products Panel by clicking on "Products" in the top bar of your settings.

  2. If the total number of products displayed at the bottom of the Products Panel doesn't match the number of products in your store, it may indicate the need to re-sync your products.

Re-syncing products can also resolve potential issues when importing reviews. If the import report mentions that your products can't be found, despite accurate product identification values that refer to existing products, consider referring to FAQ #9 for more details.

Manual synchronization of products

  1. Access your Panel.

  2. Go to the "Advanced" section and click on the "Synchronize Products" button.

  3. Allow a few minutes for the synchronization process to complete, and then verify if the products have successfully synced.

Should you need to re-synchronize products, ensure you click the "Reset Synchronize Products Status" button before initiating the synchronization process again.

DON'T click Clear Shop's Token as it carries significant consequences and could potentially disrupt your account.

If you need help syncing WooCommerce products, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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