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Getting monthly performance report for your review request emails
Getting monthly performance report for your review request emails
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Would you like to stay updated on the performance of your review request emails every month? We've got you covered. We'll send you a monthly email containing essential metrics to provide an insightful overview of your email performance. This monthly email report will encompass:

  • Revenue Generated by The total monetary value (in USD) generated by as a referrer.

  • Orders from The total number of orders generated by as a referrer.

  • Emails Sent: The total number of review request emails sent out.

  • Reviews Received: The total number of reviews your store has received.

  • Average Rating: The average rating calculated from all the reviews you've received.

  • Tips and Tutorials: Discover our latest blog articles from, designed to help you use our apps more effectively.

Learn more about these performance metrics within your comprehensive reports.

How can you receive this monthly metrics email?

From admin, go to View reports

For other platforms

  • Rest assured, this email will be sent directly to your inbox every month, keeping you informed.

  • You can access the full set of monthly metrics by going to admin > Requests > Reports.

Which email address will receive the monthly metrics email?

From admin, go to Collect Reviews > Emails > Manage Notification Emails

For other platforms

  • You'll find this informative email in your admin notifications email inbox.

  • If needed, you can modify or add additional admin email addresses by visiting admin > Settings > Review Requests > Admin Notifications

How can you opt out of receiving this monthly metrics email?

Should you wish to discontinue receiving this monthly update, it's as simple as clicking the "Unsubscribe" link located at the end of the email.

Example of a monthly metrics email:

Please note: You will receive this report monthly if your store meets the following criteria:

  • At least 2 verified reviews

  • At least $20 in revenue generated by

  • At least 1 order from

Stay informed and keep optimizing your email performance with!

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