Where my reviewer profile image can be displayed?
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1. Ways how profile image can be added

  • You can upload or change your profile image on Judge.me reviewer account page.

  • If missing, profile image will be automatically synced from your Facebook, Google, or Gravatar (if you use the same email address across all accounts).

  • If the profile image is not available, we'll display a neutral placeholder image.

Note, your profile image will be displayed based on this order of preference:

- Your uploaded image (this will always override any other image)

- Facebook/Google

- Gravatar

2. Where profile image will be displayed

  • You profile image will be displayed on your public profile page on Judge.me Reviews Site.

  • In case you have enabled Show my profile image on the reviews I make in the general settings in your profile, your profile image will also be displayed for your reviews on:

    • Judge.me Reviews Site:

    • pages of store for which you left a review:

If you need help display reviewer profile, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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