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AliExpress review importer FAQs
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Have questions regarding AliExpress Review Importer? Explore the common topics below:

Displaying your imported reviews

1. Why can't I see my imported reviews on my store's product pages automatically through AliExpress Review Importer?

Our AliExpress Review Importer app focuses solely on importing reviews from AliExpress. If you wish to showcase these reviews on your store, you can install the Product Reviews app and configure the Review Widget.

This functionality is available in the Forever Free plan. Alternatively, you can export your reviews as a CSV file and import them into another review app. From the home dashboard, click the Export Reviews button to begin this process.

2. Is necessary for displaying my reviews? Isn't it costly to install another app? offers a completely free plan that syncs with AliExpress Review Importer to automatically publish your reviews on your store. You're free to choose another app for displaying your reviews if you prefer. The free plan from provides core widgets, review requests, SEO-rich snippets, review management, and more.

3. If I don't want to use, how can I use a different review app to present my reviews?

Export your reviews as a CSV file and import them into your chosen review app. Access the home dashboard and click the Export Reviews button to export your reviews. You can choose to export in format or Shopify Reviews format. You'll receive a CSV file via email, which you can upload to your preferred review app following their instructions for publication.

4. I've installed's free plan, but my reviews aren't visible. What should I do?

If your reviews aren't showing, consider the following:

  • Check if your widgets are enabled during the onboarding process.

  • Ensure your reviews are published; auto-publishing can be enabled/disabled.

  • Manually publish reviews from the Reviews dashboard if needed.

Troubleshooting import issues

1. Why aren't my reviews imported correctly? I set the import to 15 reviews, but I only got 2 reviews. What's going on?

  • Firstly, verify if the review import is complete in AliExpress Review Importer's reviews dashboard.

  • Check if your import criteria are too strict, leading to no reviews meeting those requirements. Excessive filters like country, picture, or text can limit the number of imported reviews.

2. I can view reviews on AliExpress, but the app says the content can't be imported. Why?

AliExpress might have issues loading reviews due to heavy traffic, despite displaying reviews at the top. Import from that specific AliExpress page might not be feasible at the moment. Try again later or with a different AliExpress product. For persistent issues, contact [email protected] with relevant details.

3. I'm encountering errors with URLs or AliExpress page links. How can I resolve this?

Ensure you select a product page URL, not a homepage or collection link. AliExpress Review Importer imports reviews only from specific product pages. Check for complete and accurate URLs following typical formats.

4. I see a "product not found" error when importing. What should I do?

To resolve the "product not found" error:

5. The app says I imported reviews, but they're not visible. Where are they?

Sometimes, imported reviews take time to appear. Refresh the reviews dashboard after a few minutes. You can also find your imported reviews in AliExpress Review Importer's reviews dashboard. For users, reviews are added automatically to the dashboard, visible upon enabling the Review Widget.

6. Why are my imported reviews empty, showing only stars?

Empty imported reviews might be due to import criteria settings. Apply the content filter to import reviews with text content, or set a minimum word count. To remove empty reviews, follow the guide to delete and re-import them.

7. I selected to import reviews with text only, but some reviews with pictures were still imported. Why is that?

The "Only reviews with text content" filter is designed to include reviews that contain any amount of text, regardless of whether they also have pictures. This means that if a review includes any textual content, even if accompanied by images, it will be imported. We believe that pictures can often convey significant information. Therefore, reviews with images are included in the import, even if they lack textual content.

If you'd like to remove pictures from your imported reviews, you can follow these steps:

Export your reviews to a CSV file.

Delete the column that contains picture URLs in the CSV file.

Re-import the adjusted CSV file.

Q8: Handling Other Issues:

8. What should I do if I'm facing problems beyond what's covered here?

Certainly! Here's how to approach different types of issues:

  • General Questions: If you have general queries about AliExpress Review Importer's features, consider using our Forums. These are a great platform for getting answers to common questions.

  • Specific Issues: If your concerns are more specific and require personalized assistance, don't hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected]. When reaching out, provide a detailed description of the problem you're facing. It's essential to include key information like the AliExpress URL, the particular product you're attempting to import, and any other relevant details. This will enable us to offer you timely and efficient support.

We're committed to helping you navigate any challenges you encounter. Feel free to engage with us through these channels. Your input aids us in enhancing our services and ensuring your experience is as smooth as possible.

Other questions

1. How can I remove wrongly imported reviews?

Delete reviews individually from the Reviews dashboard using the <DELETE> button. For bulk deletion, use <Delete imported reviews> on the Products dashboard. Refer to AliExpress Review Importer's guide for more on deleting reviews.

2. Are there limits to importing?

You can import up to 250 reviews at a time, with unlimited repeat imports. However, AliExpress displays only the first 10 pages of reviews for import due to limitations. The number of reviews you import depends on your criteria.

3. Can AliExpress-imported reviews be verified?

Imported AliExpress reviews aren't verified as they may not come from orders placed directly with your store. Verified Buyer badges are applied to reviews with matching emails in orders.

4. Why don't my AliExpress reviews appear in the Google XML feed?

Google Shopping requires reviews from actual customers who purchased from your store. Reviews from AliExpress aren't included in the Google XML feed due to authenticity policy.

5. Can I use the app for platforms other than Shopify?

AliExpress Review Importer is currently built only for Shopify. Expanding to other platforms might be considered in the future.

6. Can I import reviews from Amazon?

Importing reviews from Amazon isn't possible due to copyright restrictions.

7. Can I sync AliExpress reviews with my Shopify store?

Currently, syncing new AliExpress reviews with your Shopify store isn't feasible. You can manually update reviews through repeated imports.

8. How can I provide feature suggestions?

Share your suggestions on feature upvote to be considered for future updates.

For more detailed assistance, visit our Forums or contact [email protected] with product links and related information. We're here to help efficiently resolve your issues.

If you need help with AliExpress review importer, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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