Criteria for importing AliExpress reviews
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In response to Shopify's latest requirements, we have made adjustments to the review filtering system. The ability to filter reviews by star rating has been removed to align with these changes. Rest assured, you can still import all reviews. However, this modification will solely impact any new reviews you wish to import; the reviews you've previously imported remain unaffected.

To moderate the specific set of reviews you desire, you can apply particular criteria within AliExpress Reviews. For instance, you can target reviews above a certain rating, exclusively from certain countries, those containing images or textual content, and more.

It's important to note that applying an excessive number of filters might result in fewer reviews meeting your requirements or even no reviews at all. For example, if most of the reviews on the AliExpress product page originate from Russia and you set a filter for the USA, you might not receive any reviews. Should this occur, we recommend initially relaxing your filtering criteria and making adjustments once you've imported your reviews.

Country filters

Apply this filter to selectively import reviews from specific countries. The app will sort your reviews based on the location of the reviewers. If you select All, reviews from all countries will be imported.

Content filters

Within the content filter, there are two options:

Reviews must have content

Employ this filter to import reviews with textual content, allowing you to specify a minimum word count (at least 1 word). In cases where reviews only comprise star ratings, the product title will serve as the content.


When this filter is applied, reviews with or without pictures will be imported. If you wish to exclude review pictures, you can export your reviews into a CSV file, delete the picture URL column, and then re-import.

Reviews must have pictures

Use this filter to exclusively import reviews containing images.


Certain reviews might lack images. If you find that you're not getting enough reviews, consider broadening your criteria.

Translation settings

By selecting this option, you enable the import of reviews translated into English by AliExpress. For multilingual translations of your reviews, consider exploring our integration with the Weglot translation tool.

Review limit

Set the quantity of reviews you wish to import (up to 250 reviews per import), with unlimited import capabilities through the app.


On occasion, a few extra reviews might be imported due to technical performance reasons.

You can monitor the number of imported reviews on the main dashboard or the reviews dashboard. Should you encounter any issues with importing, consult our FAQ section or reach out to support at [email protected], and we'll be more than happy to assist you. For those new to AliExpress Reviews, refer to our "Getting Started" guide to acquaint yourself with the app.

If you need help criteria for importing AliExpress reviews, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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