How Complaints Work for Merchants
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At, we provide a platform for you to handle customer concerns or address deceptive reviews you have received.

  • Help your customers to resolve their issues faster by managing their concerns through the Reviews site.

  • Boost your sales and build trust with customers by enrolling in the "Protected Purchases" program, proudly displaying a badge on your website.

  • Coming Soon: Showcase your high rate of complaint resolution on the Reviews Site, demonstrating your commitment to exceptional customer service.

  • Coming Soon: Dispute deceptive Reviews or incorrect review ratings.

Buyers Can Register an Issue on Reviews Site

Customers needing assistance with their orders can now raise an issue with your store through the "File an issue" box on your store or product pages on Reviews site. We'll promptly notify you via email when a new issue is registered.

Communicate with Buyers to Resolve their conserns

  • Sign in to the Product Reviews app.

  • Go to the Reviews Site settings and access the "Customer Issues" tab to review issues raised by buyers for your store, along with their initial details.

  • Here, you can see the issue type, description, and media files provided by buyers, as well as the order number related to the issue.

  • Engage with buyers directly from the Customer Issues tab. View the entire chat history by clicking "Read All Messages."

  • You can request additional details about their issue or discuss potential resolutions. Rest assured, we'll notify you via email when buyers respond.

  • Send an official resolution proposal message to the buyer. The buyer can either accept the proposed resolution or request an alternative. If a different resolution is requested, you can accept or reject their proposal. Once both you and the buyer agree on a resolution and accept it, will generate an Award PDF document to formalize the agreement, providing reassurance to the buyer that their issue is resolved.

Note: You have only one opportunity to send an official resolution proposal, so ensure it aligns with the buyer's needs. You can use the chat to firstly clarify the issue with the buyer.

  • After resolution, you can ask the buyer to mark the issue as resolved by ticking the "Mark as resolved" checkbox.

Enroll in the Arbitration Program and get the "Protected Purchases" Badge to Boost your Sales

Enroll in the Arbitration program and receive a "Protected Purchases" badge to prominently display on your website and Reviews Site pages. This badge offers an additional layer of security to your customers, assuring them that their purchases are safeguarded by an independent third party. For further inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Arbitration Process for Issues Raised by Buyers:

  • After a buyer raises an issue on the Reviews site, there's a 5-day window to allow communication between you and the buyer to resolve the issue. If an agreement is not reached within this time, either you or the buyer can initiate the "Request arbitration" action to escalate the issue for arbitration.

  • Once the arbitration process begins, will automatically assign an impartial arbitrator to your case. The arbitrator will thoroughly review the case and may request additional information from both you and the buyer.

  • The arbitrator will render an unbiased decision on the issue. This decision will be accessible in your settings within the Customer Issues tab, and we'll also send you an email notification.

  • will generate a legally binding Award PDF document to formalize the Arbitrator’s decision.

Note: The arbitrator is an impartial third party tasked with studying the case and delivering a decision that both the buyer and the seller are obliged to follow according to the Terms and Conditions. Arbitrator decisions are independent and not influenced by, the seller, or the buyer.

Note: An award document is a legally binding instrument that can effectively resolve disputes without the need for traditional court proceedings and it provides a clear and final resolution while eliminating ongoing uncertainty. If one party fails to comply with the terms of the award, the other party can seek enforcement through the judicial system as the document is enforceable through the courts.

Coming Soon: Enroll in the Arbitration Program and dispute deceptive Reviews or incorrect ratings

  • If you encounter deceptive, spam, or unfair reviews from verified buyers, you can initiate a dispute by enrolling in the Arbitration program.

  • Arbitration also allows you to dispute a review's rating in cases where a buyer left a positive review but mistakenly assigned a low rating.

  • Reviews removed by Arbitrator's decision will not lower your Transparency score.

  • For further inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Note: The arbitrator is an impartial third party responsible for studying your case and delivering a decision that both the buyer and the seller must adhere to in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Arbitrator decisions are independent and cannot be influenced by, the seller, or the buyer.

If you have any question, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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