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Points and badges for reviews with Gameball
Points and badges for reviews with Gameball
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Gameball is a loyalty and rewards app that helps you boost customer engagement on your Shopify store through game-like experiences such as completing challenges, earning points, collecting badges and so on. Points earned through completed challenges can be exchanged for real discount coupons.

By integrating in Gameball, you can set up a challenge in which your customers can earn points on Gameball by posting product reviews via widget.

How to enable this integration

Step 1: Install and Gameball.

Step 2: Choose a plan

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Step 3: Enable integration

  • Go to Apps on Gameball Admin Dashboard

  • Click on Add New App, choose > Next

  • From admin, go to General Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Reward App Integration > Gameball: Badges & Rewards

  • Paste the API Token to your Gameball account, and click Next

For other platforms

From your settings, choose Integrations > Admin Backend

  • Scroll down and find Reward App Integration, choose Gameball: Badges & Rewards

  • Click "Show" and then copy the API Token

  • Click Add to automatically add the reviews event in the Players' Events section on your Gameball Admin Dashboard

  • You will then see inside Available Apps

Step 4: Create a program with review event

  • Go to Programs > Configure > Create New Challenge

  • Choose Event-based as the challenge type

  • Under Event Settings choose review_judgeme. You have various options to customize your Review Challenge, such as customers can complete the challenge by reviewing a specific number of times or reviewing a specific product.

  • Finish other settings and Save

Step 5: Test your result!

If you configure your Program correctly, the Badge for your Review Challenge will appear in Gameball pop-up form on the left side. As your customers complete the challenge, they will get the Badge and accumulate the points.

If you need help integrating in Gameball, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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