Rewarding referral sharing with discounts
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Available on the Awesome plan for Shopify stores only

With referrals, you can generate and display a referral link after your customers complete a purchase on your Shopify stores. Your customers can copy and share this referral link with their friends.

  • If you enable the "Friend reward" feature, your customer's friends can get a discount if they use the referral link to make a purchase.

  • If you enable the "Customer reward", your customer's friends can get a discount if they use the referral link to make a purchase, and your customer can also get a discount after the friends make a purchase.

How to set up the referrals in

  • From settings, go to Rewards > Referrals > Referrals Widget. Then toggle the bar to enable the Referrals Widget.

For new dashboard

From admin, go to Marketing & Social > Referrals

  • Scroll down to the Checkout Widget Layout, where you can customize the color and text of the referral widget appearing on the customer's checkout page.

1. If you choose Friend reward (1-sided referral)

  • In the Reward Settings and Friend reward section, choose the type of incentive and the amount of reward you want to give out.

  • You can also customize the reward conditions:

    • Which orders are valid for the reward: None (no conditions), Minimum purchase amount, Minimum quantity of items

    • When the reward expires (after x days) or never expires

    • Valid for only new customers or all customers

  • Scroll down to the Friend Reward Page Layout. Here you can customize the color and text on the landing page when your customer's friend will see when they open the referral link.

  • Click Save Settings after you have completed the setup.

2. If you choose Customer reward (2-sided referral)

  • To set up the two-sided referral, after setting up the Friend reward as in part 1, also choose the type of incentive and amount for the Customer reward.

  • You can also customize the Customer Reward Email Layout. This email will be sent to your customers when their friend has made a purchase with the referral coupon, which enables them to receive their own rewards.

How the referrals work

  • Here is how the referral widget will appear on the customer's checkout page when they completed the purchase. Your customer can copy the referral link and send to their friend. They can also share the link via WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.

  • When the customer's friend opens the referral link, they will see a "congratulations" page. To get the reward, they need to click on the "Claim your reward" button to go to your Shopify store and make a purchase.

  • Once your customer's friend makes the purchase, the coupon code will be automatically applied.

  • If you enable two-sided referrals, your customer can also receive a discount via email after their friend has made the purchase using the referral link they shared. This email will only be sent after the orders are fulfilled in Shopify.

Restrict the customers (referrers) from using their own referral coupon

A Friend reward coupon is generated after customer completed an order. They can send this coupon to their friends, so their friends can get a discount. If the customers make use of the Friend coupons to get a discount themselves, we have a few methods to restrict them to do so:

  • You (as the store owner) can enable the option "Only let new customers use these coupons". By using this option, only new customer with no previous orders can use the Friend reward coupon. Customer (referrer) who has an order history can't use the coupon.

  • If you don't enable the option "Only let new customers use these coupons", the customer may be able to use their own Friend reward coupon. In this case, we'll stop generating the next Friend reward coupons.

  • If you also enable Customer reward (2-sided referral), we won't send the Customer reward coupon to the customer if they use their own Friend reward coupon. In the future, if their friends actually use the Friend reward coupons, the customer will no long be eligible to receive the Customer reward coupon.

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