Verified Status of Reviews
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When making an API call to reviews API, you'll receive different verified status of reviews.

Reviews with the following status are considered verified reviews: confirmed-buyer, buyer, verified-purchase, semi-verified-purchase, and admin. Reviews with other status are considered non-verified reviews.

Meaning of each status:

  • nothing: if the review does not belong to an order (review email doesn’t match order email and reviewer doesn’t receive the review verification email or doesn’t **click on the verify link in the review verification email)

  • not-yet: the review is a web review and waiting to be sent a review verification email

  • confirmed-buyer: the review is submitted via web (not from review request) and satisfied these conditions:

    1. The reviewer receives the review verification email.

    2. He/she clicks on the verify link in this email.

    3. The email address matches an email in any order of the shop (for which they leave a review).

  • unconfirmed-buyer: same scenario as confirmed-buyer but if the shop turns off the Review Verification Email or the reviewer didn't click the verify link (step 1 or step 2 fails)

  • buyer: if the review comes directly from our review requests emails or User Profile.

  • verified-purchase: the review is from a verified buyer AND also is from a real order (*note: this is a stricter condition than confirmed-buyer. A review with confirmed-buyer status doesn’t necessarily linked to the same order but any order the reviewer made in the shop).

  • semi-verified-purchase: if the reviewer has submitted a review for a purchase and the submitted a new one for the same purchase, the new review will have semi-verified-purchase status.

  • admin: if the review is verified manually by our agents.

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