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Checking the status of your review request emails in the requests dashboard
Checking the status of your review request emails in the requests dashboard
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Would you like an overview of how each review request email is performing? Now, you can easily monitor the status of each review request email right from the requests dashboard. Here's what you'll find:

  • The date your review request email was sent.

  • The type of requests (initial review request, reminder 1, reminder 2).

  • The email template that was used.

  • The most recent status of your email (delivered, opened, link clicked, etc.).

  • Dates for when your email was sent, delivered, opened, clicked, and more.

  • Additional details such as browser, operating system, and country.

  • Content of the review, with a link to the full review in the reviews dashboard (if reviewers have submitted reviews).

How to check email status

  • From the requests dashboard, locate the line item you're interested in.

  • Click on the "More" icon (...) located on the right of the line item.

  • Select "See email status." Please note that the "See email status" option is unavailable for skipped review requests (e.g., when no email is found, the product/customer/order is excluded, or the product has already been reviewed).

A pop-up window will appear, displaying the status of the review request emails sent for that specific line item.

In the pop-up, you'll initially see the most recent status of your review request emails. This information updates as the status of your emails changes. To view the email status in detail, simply click the arrow on the right.

Other details, such as browser, operating system, country, and the content of the review (along with a link to the full review in the reviews dashboard), will also be visible if available.

Understanding statuses

  • "Sent" indicates that the review request has been sent from our side.

  • "Delivered" means the email has successfully reached your customer's mailbox.

  • In case the email cannot be delivered (e.g., due to an incorrect email address), you'll see a "Bounced" status.

Anonymized by Google

If your email status displays "OS anonymized by Google" or "Browser anonymized by Google," it signifies that your review request emails were opened using Gmail and processed by Google Image Proxy, a Google service that anonymizes image requests for Gmail.

Previously, Gmail used to hide suspicious images for security reasons, requiring receivers to click to reveal them. To enhance user experience, Gmail now downloads all images upon receipt, causing some inaccuracies in our email open tracking, all of which are labeled as "anonymized by Google." Nevertheless, Google Image Proxy offers two advantages:

  • Gmail now displays images by default.

  • The images within your email load quickly.

If your reviewers open the email using email clients other than Gmail (e.g., Mail app for Mac), you'll see accurate tracking information.

If you need help checking the status of your review request emails, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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