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Sending coupon reminders to customers
Sending coupon reminders to customers
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Remind customers to make the most of their coupons by sending them timely notifications. Below, we'll explain how the coupon reminder email feature operates:

Coupon reminder timing

  • If your coupon is valid for 30 days, and you've chosen to "send a reminder email 3 days before expiration," a reminder email will be automatically dispatched on day 27. This setting applies to all newly generated coupons once you've activated the reminder email feature.

  • For any older coupons created before enabling the reminder email feature, their expiration may be within 1-2 days (where the expiration date is less than the reminder day, which is 3). In such cases, a reminder email will be promptly dispatched as soon as you enable the reminder email feature.

Important notes

  • Please note that this feature is exclusively available for coupons generated by on Shopify. It cannot be applied to externally uploaded coupons.

  • You can activate the reminder email feature only if your coupon includes an expiration date, which is set during Step 2 of the coupon creation process.

This ensures your customers receive timely reminders about their coupons, enhancing their shopping experience.

If you need help sending coupon reminders to customers, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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