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Syndicating reviews to Meta for Facebook and Instagram stores
Syndicating reviews to Meta for Facebook and Instagram stores
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Available on the Awesome plan

If you have a US store, you can easily showcase your reviews on your Facebook or Instagram store.


  • Ensure you have the checkout feature enabled.

  • All reviews, regardless of their statuses (published, hidden, archived) will be syndicated.

  • Reviews imported from AliExpress cannot be syndicated.

  • All reviews must adhere to Meta's Community Standards and Community Feedback Policy.

  • Reviews must be associated with products you sell in your stores.

Enabling Meta review syndication:

  • From admin, go to General Settings > Advanced > Meta Syndication.

For other platforms

  1. From your admin, go to Advanced > Review Syndication > Meta Syndication.

  2. Enable the review syndication and click Save settings.


You can also opt into Meta review syndication via Meta Commerce Manager's "Meta Opt-in Entry point," which is currently in alpha testing.

How Meta syndication works

  • Once enabled, will create a feed with your product review data and submit it to Meta.

  • In your settings, you'll see the status: "Reviews feed submitted to Meta, please check again later. It may take up to 2 weeks before you can see your syndicated reviews."

  • Meta will analyze the feed and report the syndication status to, which will be displayed in your settings.

Here is an example of the syndicated reviews from Inspired Home:

Possible syndication statuses

  • If your reviews can't be syndicated due to eligibility criteria, you'll see: "Your reviews can’t be syndicated because your store doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria. Learn more here.

  • If Meta couldn't find your Facebook or Instagram store with the provided information, you'll see: "Your reviews can’t be syndicated because Meta was unable to find your Facebook or Instagram store using the information provided."

  • For successful syndication, your reviews will appear on your Facebook/Instagram stores, and the status will show: "Reviews feed connected successfully (72 reviews across 20 products matched)."

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