Displaying product reviews on Google Shopping
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How it works

The Product Ratings program allows you to show reviews for your products on Google Shopping. Product ratings are visible in both ads and free product listings.

Google's requirements

Google has strict guidelines for reviews, including:

  • You must have at least 50 product reviews from real customers.

  • All reviews should be included, even negative ones.

  • Reviews must not violate copyrights, be offensive, or appear spammy.

  • Reviews shouldn't contain personal information (e.g., full names, email addresses, phone numbers).

To comply with these guidelines, we include all Published and Hidden reviews but exclude AliExpress imported reviews and Archived reviews from the reviews feed.

Unique product identifiers

Ratings and reviews are matched with products using various factors, the strongest being globally unique product identifiers like GTINs.

While GTINs provide the best match, Google can also match reviews using:

  • SKU

  • Brand and MPN

  • Product URLs

However, these identifiers may not offer as accurate a match as GTINs.

Even when the reviews and products are matched, Google will only show star ratings when the system determines that the information is accurate and relevant to customers.

How to participate

Step 1: Upload the products feed

If you have a Google account (e.g. Gmail), go to Merchant Center to initiate the process.

You can then manually create and upload a product feed following Google's instructions or use third-party apps like:

Google typically takes around 10 business days to approve your products.

Step 2: Sign up for the product ratings program

  • For "Do you work with an approved third-party reviews aggregator?", select No.

Step 3: Confirm that Judge.me is your aggregator

A few days after submitting the form, you'll receive the following email from Google:

Your aggregator, 'Judge.me', isn’t part of the Product Ratings program yet, so they won’t be able to submit a direct feed for you. Instead, you’ll need to send a direct product ratings feed to Google Merchant Center.

Please let us know if you would like to send a direct Product Ratings feed by replying to this email.

You can reply letting Google know that you'll be submitting a direct Product Ratings feed.

If everything is okay, Google will follow up with you, and the Product Reviews tab will now be available in your Merchant Center.

Step 4: Generate and upload the product reviews feed

From your Judge.me admin:

  • From Judge.me admin, go to Marketing and Social > Google and SEO > Google Shopping

  • Select Generate the product review feed, then customize other settings if needed.

  • Click Save.

For other platforms

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Google Product Review Feed.

  • Enable the XML feed then customize other settings if needed.

  • Click Save.

From your Merchant Center:

  • Click Marketing on the left menu.

  • Go to Product reviews > Product reviews feeds.

  • Click + on the Feeds page.

Name and input method

  • Give your feed a name.

  • Select Scheduled fetch and click Continue.


  • Go back to your Judge.me admin at Marketing and Social > Google and SEO > Google Shopping > Google Product Review Feed.

  • Copy the file name and the URL and paste them into File name and File URL.

  • Fetch frequency: select Daily.

  • Fetch time and Time zone: Keep the default values.

  • Skip the username and password fields.

  • Click Create feed.

Step 5: Follow up with Google

Google will conduct a manual review of the feed, which takes 2-4 weeks.

During this period, a Google Shopping representative might contact you to inquire about your reviews. If everything is good, Google will send you an email confirming that your product reviews feed is accepted.

I am happy to inform you that the Google Product Ratings feed for the store ... has been successfully integrated into our system. Attached are the screenshots of some of your reviews currently live online on Google Shopping pages.

The status of your product reviews feed should now be Live.

If the status still doesn't change after a few days, please contact Google for further clarification.

Step 6: Troubleshoot issues

You can also see the status of your reviews inside the Product reviews tab, including those that might not yet meet the criteria to display on Google Shopping.

You can check our troubleshooting guide to get more reviews qualified.

The entire process may take 2-6 weeks to complete. Assuming all the information aligns between the product feed and product reviews feed, your reviews should now show in Google Shopping.

Should they still not appear, please contact Google Shopping support to see what the issue is. Once you receive a response from Google, please let us know, and we'll be happy to advise further.

If you need help displaying product reviews on Google Shopping, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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