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Using Langify for translation tips
Using Langify for translation tips
Updated over a week ago

We do not have an official integration with Langify. You can use this app to translate your store's pages and it should work in most cases. However, you may occasionally encounter some issues that we may not be able to help you with.

Here are some tips to help you get and Langify working correctly.

1. Don't translate the metafields section belonging to

Langify allows stores to translate metafields of both products and stores. If you are using the Langify app to translate your store, please make sure NOT to translate the metafields section belonging to, because:

  • These translated metafields will overload our metafields and may cause some errors, including breaking the page layout.

  • These translated metafields won't be updated when the original metafields (from is updated.

If you have already translated any metafields belonging to, kindly remove them as instructions in the screenshots.

If you need help to remove the metafields, please add [email protected] as a staff account on your Shopify store so that we can help you.

You will find the staff account control in the Shopify admin: Settings > Plan and permissions > Add staff account. We will only need permission to access your Apps.

2. Resave the language switcher

By default, when your reviewers go from a review request email to the product page to leave a review, the review form will open automatically. However, if you are using Langify to translate your store, the app will redirect to your reviewers' previously chosen language URL.

For example, from to

These redirects will strip our URL params, so the review form doesn't open. To avoid this issue, please resave the language switcher in the Dashboard > Switcher Configurator section of Langify.

If you need help using Langify for translation, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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