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Downgrading and preserving your Awesome settings
Downgrading and preserving your Awesome settings
Updated over a week ago

This article informs you what happens to your settings if you downgrade from our Awesome plan to Forever Free plan, and how you can preserve your Awesome settings and templates if you want to re-upgrade later on.

After you downgrade from the Awesome Plan to the free plan, all your Awesome settings under will reset in 24 hours. To access the Export and Restore settings, please follow these steps:

  • From your admin, go to General Settings > Advanced.

  • Scroll down to the Export and Restore Settings.

For other platforms

You can export your settings and save it offline, then restore your settings later on when you re-upgrade.

Here is what happens to specific features when you downgrade, and how you can preserve the settings:

1. Review request

Email templates

  • For Custom Email Templates, you can still edit the existing active ones, but can’t make or save new ones.

  • For Default Email Templates, you will lose all customizations. Most of your settings here, however, are part of the settings that you can export as mentioned in the beginning, so they can be restored later on when you re-upgrade. If your email template is a full HTML one, make sure to back it up offline. Also, save your email text offline if you have made any changes.

Excluded products

Excluded products will be included again in the product dashboard in 24 hours.

Blacklist automation by tags

  • The feature will stop working immediately, so blacklisted products, customers or orders will no longer be updated by adding/removing tags.

  • Excluded tags will be reset to judge.me_excluded.

  • You will have to add the tags again when you re-upgrade.

2. Review widget

Custom forms

  • Custom forms will be disabled (but still be saved). You can simply enable them again when you re-upgrade.

  • Answers displayed in the Review Widget remain.

3. Other widgets

Questions & answers

Existing questions remain and store owners/reviewers can answer these questions, but they can’t ask new questions.

Reviews page

  • Reviews Page remains but it will not be updated.

  • New reviews will not show on this page after you downgrade, but they will synchronize all again when you re-upgrade.

4. Advanced

Cross-Shop review syndication

  • Your product and store groups will stop synchronizing, so reviews will not be shared among your stores anymore.

  • You will need to regroup your stores when you re-upgrade.

If you need help downgrading and preserving your Awesome settings, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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