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Creating new reviews via API endpoint
Creating new reviews via API endpoint
Updated over a week ago

For advanced users seeking to generate reviews externally, offers an API endpoint for creating reviews.

API endpoint

Required parameters

  • name: The reviewer's display name.

  • email: The reviewer's email.

  • rating: The rating for the review (1 to 5).

  • title: The title of the review (maximum 100 characters).

  • body: The main content of the review (maximum 5000 characters).

  • id: The Shopify ID of the product.

  • url: The custom domain of the shop. You can use the value returned from document.domain, e.g.,

Optional parameters

  • product_title: The title of the product.

  • handle: The Shopify handle of the product.

  • shop_domain: The Shopify domain of the shop (e.g., This parameter is used if your shop cannot be identified via the URL parameter.

  • picture_urls: URLs of pictures related to the review in JSON format. For example: { "0": "", "1": "" }.


  • Status 200 Always: We process review creation in the background server, and we respond with a status of 200 even if your request parameters are incorrect. However, if your parameters are correct, the review is usually created within a few seconds after your request.

Important: For most users, using our app for review creation through our Review Widget form and in-email review form does not require the use of this API.

If you need help creating new reviews via API endpoint, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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