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Store security: Why requires a password
Store security: Why requires a password
Updated over a week ago

At times, may request your store's password for a specific reason. While installing, we need to access your theme's code. However, if your store is protected by a password, we won't be able to view your storefront, making it challenging to ensure that our widgets are functioning correctly.

When you submit a widget installation request, and your theme is password-protected, please follow these steps to provide us with the necessary access:

  • Go to your Online Store.

  • Go to Preferences.

  • Under Password Protection, you can either copy the password from there or simply uncheck "Enable Password" if you wish to make your store visible to all visitors.

This ensures a smooth installation process and allows us to verify the proper functioning of our widgets on your store.

If you need help with store security, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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