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Translating email templates: auto-translation, custom text, and multi-language
Translating email templates: auto-translation, custom text, and multi-language
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Did you know that offers support for 38 languages? Select your preferred languages to ensure your email communications are more appealing and personalized for local customers. You have three options to achieve this:

Use our default translations

  • When you change your app's default language in the Language Info settings, not only will your widgets be translated, but your default email templates will also switch to your chosen language. This feature is accessible even on our Forever Free plan.

  • For instance, if you set Japanese as your app's default language, your customers will receive emails in Japanese.

For other platforms

Customize your email content

  • On the Forever Free plan, you have the flexibility to customize all text within the default email templates. This allows you to input your preferred translations, giving you control over the messaging. Your customized translations will take precedence over's default translations.

  • If you are on the Awesome plan, you can take advantage of our drag-and-drop email template editor to create custom templates and freely tailor your email texts.

Learn More About the Awesome plan

Send review request emails in multiple languages

Available on the Awesome plan

  • An exciting feature available in our Awesome plan is the ability to send review request emails in multiple languages. This can be achieved through Multiple Language Emails within the custom email templates.

  • Shopify will automatically track the customer_locale of completed orders and send the appropriate language emails.

  • For example, if a customer made a purchase on your French store, they will receive emails in French; if the purchase was made on your Italian store, they will receive emails in Italian.

If you need help translating email templates, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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