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Optimizing your email design with A/B testing
Optimizing your email design with A/B testing
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Available on the Awesome plan

Are you in search of an enhanced email design that can boost your review collection efforts? Our A/B testing tool is here to help. With it, you can create diverse email templates and uncover which ones yield the highest conversion rates.

1. How to access the A/B testing tool

From admin, go to Collect reviews > Email templates > A/B testing

For other platforms

To access the A/B testing tool, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Product Reviews app.

  • Go to the Requests tab.

  • Click on A/B testing.

2. How to use the A/B testing tool

Add a new test

To add a new test, simply:

  • Click on the "New A/B Test" button located in the top right corner.

Configure the test

In the A/B test details, perform the following actions:

  • Choose a Name and Stopping Rule for your A/B test. You can opt to end the test after a specific number of days or after a specific number of emails have been sent. Note that both counts start after activating the test.

  • Determine which active Email Templates are to be used during the test and which ones should remain active after the test concludes.

  • During the test, will randomly select from the chosen templates when sending review request emails. Templates are randomly chosen when multiple templates are activated. The only exception is when Multiple Language Emails are enabled and customer language corresponds to a single active template. If Automatic Reminders are enabled, reminder emails are also counted in the stopping rule.

Start, stop, and clone the test

For a draft test:

  • You can edit, clone, or start it from the main dashboard by clicking on the Start icon.

For an active test:

  • You can edit, clone, or stop it before reaching the stopping rule by clicking on the Stop icon.

For a completed test:

  • You can view details, access reports, or clone it to create a new test.

Note: Only one A/B test can be activated at a time. You must stop a test to start a new one.

When your test is active

During an active A/B test, we will randomly select templates you've chosen when sending email requests. You can still add templates to the test, and these updates will take effect as soon as you save the changes. However, you won't be able to modify the stopping rule.

Analyze the results of your A/B test

To analyze the results of your A/B test:

  • Check Email insights in Reports to learn how your selected email templates have performed.

  • By default, all-time statistics are displayed. If you want to see statistics during your test period, adjust the timeframe accordingly. For more details on interpreting different metrics, refer to the Email Insights report.

If you need help optimizing your email design with A/B testing, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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