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Integrating with SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay to send review requests via SMS
Integrating with SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay to send review requests via SMS
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Available on the Awesome plan

Are you looking to enhance your customer review collection process? With the integration of and SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay, you can now send review requests to your customers via SMS. Follow these user-friendly steps to enable this integration:

How it works

Wondering how this integration can positively impact your business? Here are some key advantages:

  • Review Requests: Streamline the process of collecting valuable customer reviews by sending requests via SMS, enhancing your brand's online presence.

  • Cost-Effective Integration: SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay is a cost-effective solution, with additional charges only when applicable, making it budget-friendly for businesses of all sizes.

  • Simplified Setup: The integration process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free configuration for even those less experienced with technology.

  • Customized SMS Templates: Tailor your review request messages according to your brand's tone and style, increasing the chances of customer engagement.

  • Automated Review Requests: Once configured, the system will automatically send SMS review requests when orders are fulfilled, saving you time and effort.

  • Targeted Outreach: Reach customers directly through SMS, even if only phone numbers are available, maximizing your review collection efforts.

  • Efficient Tracking: Easily monitor the status of all review requests in one central location through your Requests dashboard, ensuring you stay informed about customer feedback.

By leveraging this integration, you can enhance customer engagement, boost your brand's credibility, and gain valuable insights from customer reviews – all while optimizing your business operations.

How to set up

Step 1: Install and SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay

Installation of both and SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay, noting that SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay is free to install with possible additional charges.

Step 2: Copy the Licence Key

Access SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay in your Shopify admin and copy the Licence Key from the Settings section.

Step 3: Integrate Licence Key

Go to General Settings > Integration > Request Integrations > SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay and paste the previously copied Licence Key. Save the settings.

For other platforms

Go to Settings > Integrations > Request Integrations > SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay and paste the previously copied Licence Key. Save the settings.

Step 4: Enable Judgeme's Product Review

Return to SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay > Flows and select Judgeme's Product Review.

Step 5: Save & Enable SMS Template

Click Save & Enable to activate the SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay template, which will replace Judgeme's default SMS template.

Step 6: Configure SMS Requests in

To fine-tune your SMS review request process, delve into the customization options available within admin > Collect Reviews > Collect reviews via SMS > Set up. These settings include:

  • SMS from: Define the sender's name that recipients will see, whether it's your personal name or your company's name.

  • Request Schedules: Configure key parameters like the number of SMS requests to send per order and the length of each SMS request, allowing you to tailor your outreach precisely to your preferences and audience.

For other platforms

In your admin, go to Review Request > SMS Requests.

Step 7: Automated SMS Review Requests

Once the integration is active, SMS review requests will be sent automatically when orders are fulfilled. In cases where only phone numbers are available in the orders, we will exclusively send SMS review requests. Keep track of the status of all review requests conveniently in your Requests dashboard.

Enhance your review collection process today with and SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay!

If you need help integrating with SMS & Whatsapp Flow ConvertWay, contact our team at [email protected]. We're available to help 24/7!

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